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Huhned’a thunk it?

On Feb 4th of this year, I came out of my cave to comment on the demise temporary hiccup of Chris Huhne.

In an uncharacteristic display of hope over experience, I wrote the following:

I reckon he’ll get 3 years, of which he’ll serve 9 months mostly in an open prison, before being let out on a tag for a further 9 months. I predict that he’ll have a book out in 2014 and his smirking, shit-eating face will be back on BBC’s political programming by 2015 latest. He’ll be a non-exec director of a dozen renewable energy scams by 2017 & made for the rest of his disgusting subhuman life.

What we know now is that he got 8 months, of which he served 62 days. Two months.

And now he’s back. His authentically shit-eating face is on the telly – Newsnight no less. Yesterday he wrote in the Guardian about how it’s all everyone else’s fault. It’s utterly breath-taking is its bare-faced audacity.


Seven months after his demise temporary hiccup. He rather magnanimously announced to Paxo that his political career is over. He didn’t look at all glum about this, because he’s already on with the business of spending more time with his money.


So there we have it. All we need for the full set is the book. Which I trust will do splendidly.


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