Menace to British Society to be Deported

No, not Abu Hamza, nor Abu Qatada. Preaching violent hatred and calling deadly fatwas is a bit scary, and where they originate from is a bit scary too. They may be subject to the ‘justice’ they’d impose upon us all, were they to be returned to their home countries.

Like any good bully, the UK government has picked on a soft target.

You may remember Trenton Oldfield. He’s the cockspanner that disrupted the University Boat Race last year. His over-arching dialogue with the UK establishment has gone like this:

Trenton Oldfield: Hey, you elitist shitbags, fuck you and your retarded event!

UK Establishment: I say, chummy, that was bad form. Enjoy prison, you kangaroo-shagging dunce.

TO: Is that all you’ve got you bunch of over-entitled desiccated arse-candles?

UKE: Funny you should mention it…

His protest was accompanied by a barmy anti-establishment, anti-elitism rant. Now, I’m all for coming out against the establishment and any self-appointed elite, but I couldn’t find a single point made by Mr Oldfield that.. well I can stop there. I couldn’t find a single coherent point in his entire paranoid ramble. Whatever.

For his crime, he was eventually sentenced to 6 months in prison. He served his time – well as much as anyone serves their time under the England and Wales sentencing regime.

But that wasn’t enough, no. Now they’re deporting him, since he is Australian. “So what?” you may ask. Well so nothing, except that he’s married to a British woman, who is pregnant with his child. And as far as I know that argument pretty much closes the case on any appeal that goes to the highest courts. It certainly seems to have done so for the Islamist nutjobs who we are completely unable to get rid of.

So, a couple of points:

1) The bully state goes for the soft target and does its worst, irrespective of any concerns for right to family life (ECHR article 8).

2) If Oldfield persists – and he should – I predict he’ll eventually win his appeal and will be able to stay in (or return to) the UK due to his wife and child.

What this amounts to is cheap, populist grandstanding by the Home Secretary who can’t win a case to get deported anyone who is actually a genuine threat to the UK.

So while I have no sympathy whatsoever for Mr Oldfield, if it comes down to a fight between him and the cowardly, thieving, jackbooted, bully state, I’m on his side every step of the way, and if he wants £50 towards his fighting fund he’s welcome to contact me.

Fuck Theresa May and her weak-arsed grandstanding against a nobody.



One thought on “Menace to British Society to be Deported

  1. As another Antipodean, I wish to apologise for Oldfield and the parade of witless tadpole garglers who have followed (or preceded) me to these shores. He has a wes(h)ite and reading it should tell you call you need to know.

    I’m curious though – “Just because some wanker has blown his beans up” an Englishwoman’s “chuff” (paraphrasing The Office), why would said wanker be immune to extradition? I’d hardly welcome a dog that crapped in my lawn, although it might be argued that he was fertilising it.

    As you point out, this treatment seems to be reserved for people of colour. Pink.

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