This slow-motion U-Turning is delicious…

Tim Yeo was always an anthropogenic climate change advocate, if for no other reason than it’s making him an awful lot of money.

But now he is the latest to murmur something about maybe whatever climate change there is (inevitably, there is.. it’s a dynamic system) isn’t quite so anthropogenic as he and his fellow travellers may have lead us to believe.

Arch-advocate Lord Stern recently murmured an admission that there’s been practically bugger all temperature increase in the last 10 years.

If you can’t read these links to the Telegraph because of their paywall, open a ‘private’ or ‘incognito’ browsing session and paste the URL into that.


We sit and wait now, for the whole scam to be quietly brushed under the carpet and forgotten about.

But not before billions more of economic fluidity is flushed down the residual black holes that will be left by the grotesque system carbon taxes and bungs that is now established in the UK.

Ho hum.

We fucking told them so. Being shown to be right now is bitter-sweet at best, after a decade of economically crippling lunacy and zero chance of redress.

It’s difficult not to wish a grizzly end upon troughing toads like Yeo.



UPDATE: Tory Aardvark has written on the same theme.



2 thoughts on “This slow-motion U-Turning is delicious…

  1. XX and heat being absorbed by the deep oceans.

    Lord Stern pointed out that all these effects run in cycles or are random so warming could accelerate again soon.

    “In the next five to ten years it is likely we will see the acceleration because these things go in cycles,” he warned. XX

    And those deep oceans are likely to just TOTALY bugger off for a decade or two!

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