Boycott Ban Boycott Boo Yah Boo Hoo

The Twitter Outrage Bus is on the rampage about this:



It is being taken at face value as genuine. I see no particular reason why. I see no letterhead or anything at all to indicate that Morrison actually even wrote or sent this letter. Let’s assume for a moment it is genuine, though.

I’m pretty sure we wear poppies in the second and third weeks of November in the UK. The letter is dated May 27th – today. I’m willing to bet the company positively encourage their staff to wear a poppy at the appropriate time of year.

As such, this is not about poppies or what they represent. Put that aside.

Simply put, it’s Morrisons’ gaff, so it’s their rules.

The letter indicates that when pulled up about the badge which is contrary to the dress code, the employee engaged in an overt act of defiance (charity bracelet). This says to me that the background to this is a wider pattern of questionable behaviour and attitude, rather than it being a simple case of being on a disciplinary for wearing a poppy badge.

This person agreed to the dress code in the terms of the contract when they took the job. Now they are not honouring their end of the contract. So suck it up.

The redactions in white are mine. Underneath those are the names of the management team in the store. This is being widely circulated. If the letter is genuine, and real people’s names have been published in this way, the person deserves to be fired immediately, and it would be entirely just. Publishing it with names exposed is unforgivable.



8 thoughts on “Boycott Ban Boycott Boo Yah Boo Hoo

  1. Fait enough, their gaff, their rules, but I want to know WHY they are anti Britain.

    I know where I will NOT be shopping if I ever go back there.

  2. Disagree. If a member if the armed forces had not been brutally murdered I would have sympathy with the dress code. However, in the wake of events in Woolwich it was totally insensitive and poor judgement to call a disciplinary meeting in this instance.
    Morrisons are supposed to be a British company and as such should support the nation, staff and customers who wish to demonstrate their appreciation of our armed forces.
    Perhaps by posting on social media any disciplinary action in a case like this will make big companies realise they are not bigger than any one employee and will take greater care in future to ensure sensitive issues are handled in a better manner.

  3. He has been accused of a disciplinary offence. This moron should read his contract of employment, because he almost certainly made dismissal a certainty by posting it all over the internet and his whining piece which was on South Today this evening.

    He may be famous on Twitter, but he’s also now a no-job, unemployable twat.

  4. I’ve been discussing this, too. Although from a slightly different take. I’m assuming that the letter is genuine, so my issue is with an employee who deliberately flouts the rules and expects to get away with it.

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