This slow-motion U-Turning is delicious…

Tim Yeo was always an anthropogenic climate change advocate, if for no other reason than it’s making him an awful lot of money.

But now he is the latest to murmur something about maybe whatever climate change there is (inevitably, there is.. it’s a dynamic system) isn’t quite so anthropogenic as he and his fellow travellers may have lead us to believe.

Arch-advocate Lord Stern recently murmured an admission that there’s been practically bugger all temperature increase in the last 10 years.

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We sit and wait now, for the whole scam to be quietly brushed under the carpet and forgotten about.

But not before billions more of economic fluidity is flushed down the residual black holes that will be left by the grotesque system carbon taxes and bungs that is now established in the UK.

Ho hum.

We fucking told them so. Being shown to be right now is bitter-sweet at best, after a decade of economically crippling lunacy and zero chance of redress.

It’s difficult not to wish a grizzly end upon troughing toads like Yeo.



UPDATE: Tory Aardvark has written on the same theme.



Boycott Ban Boycott Boo Yah Boo Hoo

The Twitter Outrage Bus is on the rampage about this:



It is being taken at face value as genuine. I see no particular reason why. I see no letterhead or anything at all to indicate that Morrison actually even wrote or sent this letter. Let’s assume for a moment it is genuine, though.

I’m pretty sure we wear poppies in the second and third weeks of November in the UK. The letter is dated May 27th – today. I’m willing to bet the company positively encourage their staff to wear a poppy at the appropriate time of year.

As such, this is not about poppies or what they represent. Put that aside.

Simply put, it’s Morrisons’ gaff, so it’s their rules.

The letter indicates that when pulled up about the badge which is contrary to the dress code, the employee engaged in an overt act of defiance (charity bracelet). This says to me that the background to this is a wider pattern of questionable behaviour and attitude, rather than it being a simple case of being on a disciplinary for wearing a poppy badge.

This person agreed to the dress code in the terms of the contract when they took the job. Now they are not honouring their end of the contract. So suck it up.

The redactions in white are mine. Underneath those are the names of the management team in the store. This is being widely circulated. If the letter is genuine, and real people’s names have been published in this way, the person deserves to be fired immediately, and it would be entirely just. Publishing it with names exposed is unforgivable.


The Rough Sleep of the Righteous

This is doing the twitter-rounds today, and it’s pretty disgusting, actually. It’s not at all surprising though, because the police in the UK are, and have been for some many years now, completely out of control.

Without thought, tact, discretion, compassion or nouse.

In fact, such are the systemic problems with many laws as they stand, and the way policing is directed, managed and undertaken, that you really have to be utterly immoral to do the job. If you’re a copper, you are, de facto, a wrong un. A willing wearer of the state’s lumpen jackboot, disrupter of innocent lives in mindless pursuit of targets, all the while satisfying whatever thuggery is needed to quieten your personal inadequacies.

So, onto the main event:

Confiscating the food and shelter of homeless people.


Police swooped on the homeless, grabbing sleeping bags and food parcels donated by the public, in co-ordinated raids around the borough.

Adam Jaskowiak was one of the men targeted and said he pleaded with police to be able to keep his things but was ignored.

He was sleeping with eight other people finding shelter for the night in the former Ilford Baths in High Road, Ilford.

All of their belongings were bundled into a police car leaving the men, one in his 60s, stunned.

A police chief told the Recorder the operation was carried out to “reduce the negative impact of rough sleepers”.

But Mr Jaskowiak, 34, said: “They were just taking the sleeping bags and chucking out everything. I asked to keep it and the food, but they said ‘no’.

“I just grabbed as many of my things as possible and put them into a bag and ran.”

He was given the sleeping bag by the Salvation Army, Clements Road, Ilford, over the winter months after becoming homeless when his friend died.

Unbelievable, right? But the brave, righteous soul behind this initiative has a name. And that name is SCUM. But he prefers to call himself Chief Inspector John Fish.

Ilford Ch Insp John Fish said: “The public rely on police to reduce the negative impact of rough sleepers, this includes the need for us to assist in the removal of temporary structures, tents, and bedding from public spaces and other inappropriate locations.”



Chief Inspector Big Strong Hardman. Pic from here.

I hope you sleep real well in your warm cosy bed at night, Chief Inspector John Fish. Has your wife left you yet, or is that inevitability still in your grim lonely future?

As an aside, it’s worth bearing in mind that the way the Met Police treat the homeless is clearly a mere bagatelle compared to how they treat rape victims, in the pursuit of their twisted priorities.


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