One of the reasons this blog has run out of steam in the last 12 months is that I realised not only the utter futility of politics – party politics in particular – but that my own intellectual investment in it was making me miserable. It was achieving nothing and it was making me a worse person.

But… just occasionally something comes to pass that it would be impossible for me not to comment on. I’m prepared to take the hit, just this once.


Mr Justice Sweeney told Huhne he should “have no illusions whatsoever” about the type of sentence he is likely to receive. The maximum penalty for the offence is life imprisonment.

If any MP deserved an ignominious ending, it was Chris Huhne. Okay there are several hundred others, but Huhne is definitely in the top 50.

I reckon he’ll get 3 years, of which he’ll serve 9 months mostly in an open prison, before being let out on a tag for a further 9 months. I predict that he’ll have a book out in 2014 and his smirking, shit-eating face will be back on BBC’s political programming by 2015 latest. He’ll be a non-exec director of a dozen renewable energy scams by 2017 & made for the rest of his disgusting subhuman life.

So… it’s a small victory, but it should still be celebrated in style.

I shall have my manservant pull one of those vintage bottles from the cellar for tonight.



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