Blind fury

Less than a month ago, I wrote a post explaining why I didn’t think the British police should be routinely armed. Part of my argument was that they’ve proven in the past that they cannot be trusted with Tasers, let alone actual guns.

And here’s another fine example to illustrate said case against pervasive armed police.


That’s right. They zapped a blind guy. Nice work eh?

Colin Farmer, 61, was stunned by police following reports of a man walking through Chorley with a samurai sword.

Ch Supt Stuart Williams, of Lancashire Police, said the force had "deep regrets" and had "clearly put this man through a traumatic experience".

Mr Farmer, who has suffered two strokes, said he thought he was being attacked by thugs.

He was walking to a pub to meet friends on Friday when the officer fired the Taser. It forced him to drop his stick and he fell to the ground, he said.

He said the experience had left him "shaking like a leaf" and scared to go outside.

The case has been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Uh-huh. Job jobbed then.


2 thoughts on “Blind fury

  1. Easy to confuse a white stick with a samurai sword, if you are a paranoid lunatic with a low IQ. And of course tax payers are going to pay for this idiocy because the man will (rightly) sue the wok out of the Police Force concerned.

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