#Twitterjoketrial – It’s finally all over…

Finally it’s victory for Paul Chambers.

I first wrote about the #TwitterJokeTrial in January 2010, and last wrote about it in November 2010. See the links in the latter post for more information if you’re not familiar.

It is now July 2012. All that time, Paul Chambers has been living with the life diminishing, career destroying ignominy of being a pawn of the idiot bully state.

Today, his high court appeal against his conviction of May 2010, against 127.1(a) of the Communications Act 2003, was granted, and Paul has now been cleared of all charges.

As someone who (passively) supported Paul all through this disgraceful process, and was an early donor to his fighting fund, I am delighted with this, and I am delighted for Paul and his family.

I want to avoid melodramatic invocations of Orwell, Kafka et al, but I am infuriated and disgusted by the system and its mindless ‘process following’ automatons, who draw a wage from our pockets for making absurd, perverse and unjust decisions day in and day out, in the name of following the process.

  • A little guide to people, for you, by the way: If a person is more interested in the process than the outcome, they are a complete arse, who should be avoided at all cost.

    These people love nothing more than waiting for you to transgress some ‘guideline’ in the name of progress, so they can pour a bucket of shit over your head. If eugenics hadn’t got such a bad rap, we could have genetically selected these vermin out of existence.This applies across public and private sector – it’s a universal truth.

Perversely, I am grateful to the CPS for opening up the eyes of thousands of people to the cruel and grotesque ways of our beloved state. Anyone who wants more state, or more controls, restrictions, bans, probably doesn’t care if great numbers of people go through the same nightmare Paul Chambers has over the last 30 months. If it saves the hurt feelings of just one Labour voting ovine pleb.

It is asserted here that the Director of Public Prosecutions personally took the decision to pursue the Chambers case to the bitter end. To the original trial, against the Crown Court appeal and against the High Court appeal. (H/T @VeryBritishDude https://twitter.com/VeryBritishDude/statuses/228820125887897601 )

It’s time for Kier Starmer’s head to be offered up on a platter. Personally, I think he should be taken out shot in front of his family. Or blown sky high. Either way, I want it live on HDTV.



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