LOLympics PART 3

North Korean women’s football team were playing [insert some other country’s team here] at Hampden park in Scotchland.

Only problem is the wallah operating the scoreboard displayed the players fizzogs next to a South Korean flag. The players left the field in protest.

Photo from


I shall have a wee snigger at that.



2 thoughts on “LOLympics PART 3

  1. Whoopee another cock up. Keep ’em coming. As the drug-cheat-and-corruption-a-thon progresses it will be interesting to see how the reality differs from the BBC’s propaganda. I’m staying off the BBC at the moment, it’s looks too much like a cut price Leni Riefensthal Olympiad film.

  2. It’s worse than a simple press the button for the display. The whole thing is a video so it was created by some LOCOG people in London. But then it seems that there is no quality control at all. From the person who does the editing to it appearing on the big screen no one spotted the mistake. And this in something that is all about lots of countries and so every detail does need checking because not every one can know the flags of every country.

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