You can’t do that…

Many reams have been committed to the cause of dissent from the London 2012 Olympics.

Underpinned by Labour’s ‘London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Act 2006’, this event has long since turned into a barefaced parade of corporate greed, curtailment of free speech and movement, absurd security theatre, criminal organisational profligacy and overwhelming ineptitude, and darkly comical fuck ups.

Nick Cohen sums a lot of it up very nicely here.

The words “London 2012” are copyrighted. the number “2012” is copyrighted. McDonalds have used their corporate muscle to ensure that no other caterers may sell chips – yes CHIPS – unless they are sold as part of the meal “fish and chips”. So, no chicken and chips. No sausage, chips and beans. No ham, egg & chips. No chips with your curry or your kebab.

LOCOG felch-monkeys are covering up every product logo belonging to a non-sponsor of the events. Every product logo. You will not be permitted to know that you’re pissing into an Armitage Shanks urinal or using an Otis lift, Or vice-versa, I guess.

What most amused/despaired me, though, was learning that we are only allowed to link to the London 2012 website provided that…

no such link shall portray us or any other official London 2012 organisations (or our or their activities, products or services) in a false, misleading, derogatory or otherwise objectionable manner.


Well now. LOCOG is manned entirely by sub-simian homunculi, who feed on slime-mould, and fuck then eat their own mothers as soon as they reach maturity.

Also, the link must be…

in a text-only format


This bit of software allows me to do other sorts of links. Perhaps a linked image may work…..


It’s really incredibly unfortunate and depressing that Britain has taken the Olympic baton from China, and then made the Red State’s attempts to control events look feeble and half-hearted.

To host the Olympics should be a matter of national joy and pride. It should be uplifting and uniting. It should amaze and inspire.

But I cannot get on-board that bandwagon, because I cannot bear the idea of any single one of these unspeakable freeloading shitbags basking in any glory whatsoever.

The whole thing needs to be a disaster. Hurricanes must strike, electrical storms must render structures unsafe, events must be abandoned. Visitors must be stranded by our collapsing transport infrastructure, bullied and assaulted by the ragbag of spivs who will be doing event security and victimised for taking photographs by the ignorant thugs of the Metropolitan Police.

May every one of these fuckers end their lives in unbearable ignominy.

So, Londoners. As you take 4 hours to get to or from your place of work, as you are forced out of your home because your landlord has someone who will pay 6 months rent to use your flat for 1 month of games, as you are prevented from driving or riding on the roads you pay for, as fat-cat freeloading ‘dignitaries’ roar past in their chauffeured BMWs, please remember to thank Labour for this legacy.

Remember all this when you see TV footage of a grinning Blair, a gurning Brown or a slithering Mandelson enjoying VIP hospitality.

And next year, as you struggle to find affordable accommodation, thank Labour again for bestowing billions of pounds of sprawling, money-devouring white elephants upon London.

Fuck the London 2012 Olympics.

BTW When’s Victoria Pendleton on? *hubba*



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