Why #MPsMustStopTweeting

I can’t read the Spectator piece on this topic, written by Andrew Roberts because I’m not on Facebook. Apparently being a Speccie subscriber isn’t good enough. No, I have to sell my soul to Mark Zimmerframe too. I’m not playing that game.

It doesn’t matter though, because I’ve been of the above opinion for some months now.

Politicians have an ‘engagement problem’ with the public. Low election turnouts, lack of trust, cynicism. We think they are liars, thieves, frauds, charlatans, imbeciles, meddlers, bottom feeders and lawyers. Between the MPs we are bestowed with, all those boxes are indeed ticked.

In any case, in their self-awareness-free Westminster bubble, they have, many times over, decided that something must be done to ‘reach out’ to the public and ‘engage’ with the voters. In this case, using Twitter is a thing, and so it should be done.

I’m afraid to inform those MPs who do use twitter that, with vanishingly few exceptions, you are not helping yourselves and you are not helping the voters.

You expose your blinkered tribalism to us all on a daily basis. You run with a claque of immature and highly partisan sycophants, and when the twitter heat is on, you all close ranks and look after your own – even if they’re MPs or hangers-on from a different party. It’s circle-jerk by day and bitching about ‘the other lot’ by night. But there is no ‘other lot’ really is there? I don’t care if you’re Tory, Labour, LibDem or any of the other equally appalling clans. You’re as bad as one another, and your policies are all as poorly thought out and spitefully framed.

The ‘other lot’ is the voting public, as far as you lot are concerned. In so far as that’s true, most of us couldn’t give a shit what you say or think, and wish you’d make an awful lot less noise about it.

Twitter is a social medium. Like a big pub. I don’t want you in my local pub, with your braying arse-lickers. I don’t want you in my Twitter stream. Every time I see an MP’s tweet RTed into my timeline, it’s like a little bit of cat vomit just dribbled out of my screen and onto my desk.

So be a nice Member of Parliament, get back to doing your job, however poorly you choose to do it, and leave us the fuck alone.



Right Racist Women

First there was the racist tram woman in Croydon. Then there was the racist tube woman in London. Both of whom ended up prison for saying some offensive words to some randoms in their carriage.

As an aside, on the same day that Racist Tube Woman was sentenced to 22 weeks in nick, another woman was given a 12 month suspended sentence after her kid died due to her criminal neglect. That should give you some idea of the priorities that have been imposed upon English justice by years of thick, self-serving, socialist cretins holding the levers of power.

But anyway… these ‘racist women’. They do have a point.

Not about race or religion, and I’ll leave the question of culture (vis the cancer that is multiculturalism) until another day.

These women have a point in respect of language. I grew up in Manchester with kids of many different ethnic and religious backgrounds, but one thing bound us all together: language. We all spoke, read, wrote and understood the same language. We understood each other and were able to interact and transact. We were all as English as one another.

"I used to live in England and now I live in the United Nations." – Tube Woman

But things have changed. Have you walked down any old high street recently? It’s a Tower of Babel. In all too many towns, you are no more likely to hear English than you are to hear Polish, Farsi or – God help us – Australian. You go into a shop/pub and you are served by a foreigner. Not because some foreigner is ‘taking our jobs’. Far from it. I have no sympathy for the feckless British who make such complaints.

The problem is this: I don’t know about anyone else, but I really have trouble understanding a lot of these people. It makes transacting business difficult and stressful. It drains some of the joy out of my every single day.

Communication is a fundamental human need. It is a great deal of what binds us together, fostering mutual trust and understanding. No two people who speak different languages can be an ‘us’. 

So, I do have something in common with these two women who were jailed for voicing their frustration, albeit poorly. I feel like I’ve lost my country. Not to foreign people, but to foreign languages.

It’s right, therefore, that those who come to this country – MY country – for any length of time, and make inadequate efforts to speak the lingo should attract opprobrium, and short shrift from immigration authorities too.

Or, to put it into Tram Woman terminology, “speak English or fuck off”.


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