Invitation To Tender

Dear Clangbridge District Council,

An independent analysis of your organisation’s performance over a five year period has concluded that our current agreement offers extremely poor value for money, and your organisation delivers inadequate innovation and an absence of continuous improvement outcomes.

In these difficult times, it is inevitable that such waste of my hard-earned resources cannot be allowed to continue. Accordingly, after a lengthy period of consultation, it has become clear that the services I consume from your organisation should be put out to tender for FY2012.

In recognition of CDC’s status as incumbent provider, I invite you to participate in this tender process for 2012-13. Please not that should CDC fail to be down-selected to the negotiations stage of this process, the same courtesy will not automatically be extended for 2013-14, and CDC would, in that case, be required to engage in an RFI process as a new provider.

I wish your organisation well in your endeavour to win my custom this year.


Alan S. Jahom BGP, FCoE, ADSL



Local, domestic and refuse services

April 2012 – March 2013

Services required:

  • Protection of person and property.
  • Fire & rescue.
  • Refuse disposal.
  • Highways improvement.

Optional Services:

  • Healthcare provision.
  • Libraries.
  • Child protection.
  • Elderly care.

Services explicitly NOT required:

  • Implementation of state mandated coercion.
  • Payment into pensions of public officials.
  • ‘Road safety’ initiatives.
  • Education.
  • Outreach.


1) Mandatory Continuous Improvement: A minimum reduction in year-on-year cost of 6%, against like-for-like services is a minimum requirement for scoring gate 1. A net raising of speed-limits across the borough by 10% per annum is a minimum requirement for scoring gate 2.

2) Procurement model: I seek to procure individual services, aligned to my requirements. While I would be interested to see what savings could be made by engaging a single provider to deliver multiple services, a multi-source approach is preferred. Accordingly, each offering should be discrete, and should not include any costs associated with services which have not been requested. The scoring process against your responses will reflect this requirement most aggressively at gate 2.

3) Payment model: Pay-as-I-use is the preferred payment model for all services. Fixed charges will be considered by exception, and you will be required to present a justification in all cases, except for fire & rescue services. Volume discounts must be available on high-usage services, and gain-share options must be proposed where your organisation is able to derive collateral revenue from providing a service to me, e.g. recycling of refuse.

4) Tender timeline: ITT responses should be submitted by all participants by 12:00GMT on 21 March 2012. No late responses will be considered.

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