Cameron prepares for U-turn on #ukuncat


Doubtless due to the pressure brought to bear by this blog yesterday, we now read that Cameron is preparing to do a volte-face on the disgraceful refusal to install a cat at Downing Street, in order to deal with the increasing problem of left-wing journalists scurrying around in the street.


The government says it is now considering bringing in a cat to deal with a rat spotted outside 10 Downing Street.

The prime minister’s spokesman said on Monday there would not be a replacement for Humphrey, the No 10 cat during much of the 1990s.

But after newspaper reports on Tuesday that the Cameron family might get a cat, the spokesman said there was a "pro-cat faction within the building".

No decisions have been taken, he added.

The Times, however, is reporting that the decision has indeed been taken.


One rat scuttling along Downing Street was a point of interest. A second looked like a public relations disaster.

So it was that the Prime Minister’s aides let it be known last night that David Cameron would be getting a cat.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman, in between fielding questions about phone hacking, the Government’s alternative vote (AV) Bill and bank bonuses, was pressed to provide updates on rat developments.

Stoically, throughout the day, he stuck to the line that there were “no plans” for Mr Cameron to get a cat.

Then, in the evening, came a U-turn: the search was indeed on for a cat. A suitable rescue centre was being identified and living arrangements discussed. It would not be housed in the flat above No 11, where the Camerons live, but would be a “cat about the house”.

Victory is ours, my friends!

The Equality & Hoomin Rights Commission were not available for comment.



3 thoughts on “Cameron prepares for U-turn on #ukuncat

  1. Thank god we got rid of that indecisive prat Brown ehhh?

    I love moggies, but can’t help thinking that a starving pride of lions should be set upon politicians.

  2. My God, the boy cannot stick to a decision about anything, can he?

    Good job he’s not in charge of anything important or we’d really be in trouble.

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