Epic Troll is Epic

There are some talking heads out there with laughably ludicrous views. It’s no conincidence that most of them write for the Grauniad.

I’ve been as indulgent as the next blogger in the pastime of rubbishing these imbeciles.

This particular column, though, is so unspeakably absurd, that I took it to be nothing but outright trolling.

Perhaps my ennui is showing, or perhaps I’m just no longer so easily trolled as Devil’s Kitchen and, as he links:

A great many bloggers have rightfully excoriated George Monbiot’s latest piece of arse-wibble,

Why? Why did you do that? Have a Scotch, skin up a joint, watch some porn, darn a sock for Christ’s sake, but don’t let Monbiot get a rise out of you with this comically calculated arse gravy.


If you want to read a fisking of Georgie’s nonsense, by all means, refer to the Devil, or Tim Worstall, or whoever else.

If you lack the critical skills to do it yourself in 0.2 of a second.

Otherwise, choose something important to get annoyed about. Fuck knows, there’s no shortage.



7 thoughts on “Epic Troll is Epic

  1. The problem with these sort of suggestions from the likes of Monbiot is that, if they are NOT immediately rubbished, proven wrong and laughed at by all normal people, they tend to be used as evidence that there’s no will to oppose them…

  2. I read somewhere that in olden days people would laugh out loud at rubbish ideas and the vanity of the people who produced it, putting an end to it before any damage could occur. Nowadays, thanks to “the lie” on just about everything “manufactured” into “the truth” – thanks to the omnipresent proliferation of electronic mass media that creeps into every square inch of the day – people seem to have become conditioned to accepting “the lies” as “the truth” and the innate immediate human reaction of laughing in the face of the vain has been overcome, which is going to have dangerous consequences in the long run, not that we’re not seeing dangerous outcomes already because of people buying into the rubbish.

  3. Every so often a lefty has to have a thought, in order to prove they have a brain. So, no great logic or thinking required, for it’s just a thought they need to share with you.

    Of course, the Guardian unthinkingly publishes the thought.

    Our lives are so much more enriched when they tell us what to think.

  4. be careful. this isnt rubbish at all, but part of a carefully planned softtening up of ideas. i had the same idea ages ago and wondered when it would be that the council tax discounts would be inverted. in fact, in some areas it’s already true. empty houses pay the same as full ones. this is a shift on the idea of council tax not being on occupiers, but on the property itself. eventually, it will be levied on the owner – who cannot run away, unlike tenants in rented accommodation.

    i’ve often though to myself when it would be that i am forced to share my home with a family of albanian [1] refugees. this is a step closer to that “goal”.

    [1] nothing personal against albanians.

  5. Al Jahom says:
    January 6, 2011 at 8:07 pm

    “nothing personal against albanians.”

    Why not? They’re all gangsters or rapists.


    Well the ones with jobs are Gangsters and Rapists people trafficing across Europe. The rest are just unemployed Islamist Gypo’s hanging about the UK collecting benefits and assisting terrorists.


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