Ho hum

I don’t think there’s much to say about this:


However, it was entirely predictable, in spite of the fact that:

Mr Lansley said people needed to take responsibility for their own health.

He warned lecturing people often ended up being counter-productive.

Meanwhile, while Philip Hammond declared an end to the war on motorists, already shown to be a sham. Little did we realist that instead, we’d get a war on all forms of transport.


As I have already pointed out, it’s getting boring (for you and me both, I’ll wager) saying ‘meet the new cunts, same as the old cunts’.

But it needs saying. Anyone who is lulled into thinking this lot are any less statist, and less interfering, and more honest or any more competent than Labour is deluding themselves.

Anyone who thinks the system, as it exists,  offers us any answers or any hope of being left alone, unfettered and untaxed is an idiot.

This game ain’t worth playing anymore. It’s time to upend the table.



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