Race card 101

As an aside, in the article I linked to below, Yasmin Ali-Baba Brown, said:

She added that she regarded Compton’s remarks as racially motivated because he mentioned stoning.

“If I as a Muslim woman had tweeted that it would be a blessing if Gareth Compton was stoned to death I’d be arrested immediately. I don’t think the nasty Tories went away."

If a Muslim woman had tweeted that a Kafir should be stoned to death, she would be arrested?

I really don’t think so.

How may of the ‘death to the infidel’ mentalists have we endured over the last few years? The Islamic demonstrations at Wootton Basset? The burning of poppies and disruption of the 2 minutes silence on Remembrance Day? Or the defacing of war memorials with pro-Islamic graffiti? Note by the way how that story was suppressed.

The woman is the worst kind of fool.

In her defence though, the point she was making, which attracted the unwelcome comment, was a fundamentally libertarian one, being this:

Their gaff, their rules

I wonder if she realises that?



6 thoughts on “Race card 101

  1. “The woman is the worst kind of fool.”

    If the backlash against her starts to bite, wait for her to begin to protest that she ‘didn’t expect it to go that far and wouldn’t want to see anyone ruined!’.

    And then replay her interview on ‘Jeremy Vine’ yesterday, where she could barely contain her delight when the host pointed out the serious consequences for Compton, including loss of job and criminal record.

    These new-fangled DAB radios pick up everything in the studio, Yaz. You ghastly excuse for a women….

  2. Nice to see the decent white folks who supported a nice white boy like Paul Chambers turning against a Muslim woman who isn’t “one of us”. After all, can’t have these uppity brown folks thinking they’ve got any rights in this country.

  3. Simerg: What specific points in his (Obama’s) Cairo speech impressed you, and what did he miss out on?

    Yasmin A-B: It was a very good speech that laid US arrogance to rest. I worry, though, about the way he said people should not criticise other cultures. We must always do that.

    Is this wholly consistent with her view on R5 that “their gaff, their rules”?


    The quote is from just above the recipe box.

  4. Is this wholly consistent with her view on R5 that “their gaff, their rules”?

    It’s consistent with what she actually said, which was that politicians who support the Iraq war – which killed at least a million people in iraq so far – had lost their moral authority to criticise Iran over stonings.

    Which makes sense: a person who’s made clear they think the horrific deaths of a million Iraqis are a matter of indifference, who then tries to pretend they care about the horrific deaths of a few Iranians, is plainly not arguing against horrific death per se, they’re just claiming they do when it suits their political needs, and they should be called on this massive hypocrisy.

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