Zombie blogging

You may have noticed that my posting has been almost non-existent for the last 2 months.

The reasons are myriad. They are much the same as those touched upon by Obo and others.

The Con-Dem government are just as dreadful, overbearing and untrustworthy as the shitbags they replaced.

We are still being sold out to the EU. Those who make the effort are still being taken for a ride by those who don’t. Taxes are rising. The war on the motorist has far from come to an end. The database state is writ large and growing. The police continue to bully, beat and belittle members of the public. The CPS continue to pursue prosecutions that are absurd and chilling. The civil servants and the unelected rump of local government are still very much in control.

The day after day, drip drip drip of screeching and shroud-waving by the special interest groups who are facing cuts… police, students, librarians, imbecilic outreach workers, antediluvian union throwbacks, the teachers, the BBC etc makes me want to vomit.

Of course none of them want their particular slice of pie trimming. And of course they can come up with all sorts of doomsday scenarios, to scare the mongs into compromising, from dead babies to rape & pillage.

Listen up, people. You’ve been on an amazingly accommodating gravy train for the last 10+ years. It’s heading for the buffers,fast, and you should hope it can be brought to a controlled stop, or we are ALL fucked.

I’ve been paying for it. I’ve long since had enough of paying for it. Do you get that? Do you get that for years and years, I’ve paid much higher than average contributions to the state, in taxes, and that I have never, and will likely never, receive anything even approaching value for money? Do you see how that might piss me off?

So shed those sweet sweet tears, as your precious edifices are chipped away at. They are manna from heaven for me.

But they are not enough. The state will continue to expand in real terms, liberty will continue to be diminished, from the EU and the UK.

So back to the initial point. Of blogging, or lack of it.

The political blogowotsit is really all either a self-affirming echo chamber of back-slapping chums, or an argument with a shouty, and usually illiterate, brick wall, isn’t it?

I’ve given it a fair go, and it has become tiring. As Mr Condescension of the Guardian suggests, I’m feeling a lack of rage and anger – his reasoning is quite faulty, even if he stumbles upon some accurate conclusions.

So what’s changed? Why the quiet? Wither the fury?

Well, rage, anger and fury spring from the tiny hope that things can get better.

And so these vigorous emotions have given way to abject despair. You can see for yourself in the archives that the cynic in me never really expected things to be any different under the new lot. But I had to hope that the end of the Blair/Brown era would be a watershed.

And now what hope there was, however silly it might have been, is all but extinguished.

Nothing has changed. Nor will it.

The Labour monster was cast out and the dying hydra’s heads are snapping at each other furiously. It’s an amusing sideshow, but it’s of little consequence.

I’m not expecting the burden of taxation to ever be reduced in real terms. We have already been shown what we suspected – that Cameron’s pledges on the EU are meaningless, because Lisbon trumps the need for further legislation or treaty changes. The lights will still be going out before the end of this parliament, thanks to the influence of the Lib Dems on energy policy. I don’t expect to walk into a pub where I can smoke ever again. I don’t expect the police to be reformed for the better. I don’t expect the CPS to be taken in hand. I don’t expect family justice, or the judicial and punitive bias against men to improve. I don’t expect appeasement of radical Islam to decline. I don’t expect the transport system to improve; overcrowding, no new roads, vainglorious rail projects, hellish airports, spiralling costs, penalties and delays.

And a million Prima Donnas are crying about some marginal cuts to their pet projects?

So you see, *sigh*…  What’s the fucking point?

I need to change tack. I also need someone to edit my heavily medicated stream of consciousness. Apply in the comments section.



16 thoughts on “Zombie blogging

  1. I concur.

    Apart from the ongoing personal shit that I am suffering through I’ve got a huge wave of lethargy regarding the political scene. Nothing has changed except the colour of the ties they wear .. .. .. and this mob has yet to become quite as farcical as the last lot (although that could change at any moment).

  2. As an unemployed IT consultant and former victim of higher rate tax and employee and employers NI, who’s systems and jobs have been outsourced to India, I find it heart-warming that we are going to let in a further 20000 Indian IT workers each year. I suspect there may be a flaw in some aparatchik’s sums, but then, his job is secure and the politico scum will get a seat on a board somewhere when they leave the House of Thieves.

  3. Great post.

    Take a break. Shut it down for 2 months, disable comments, say bollocks to twatter and do nothing. If you don’t love it, don’t do it, it’s not like you get paid for it so fuck it.

  4. Agree with everyone about the political outlook.

    Timdog is right – take a break, see if you feel like returning. If not, then don’t force it.

    And remember, there’s more to blog about than politics, anyway. ;)

    Take care.

  5. I have to say, Mr Jahom, that it will be a damned shame if you do bin it for ever. Although it must get bloody frustrating and time consuming, the blogosphere does need the likes of you, Anna Raccoon et al to raise these points in the intelligent and witty fashion that you do. I could never write it as eloquently and amusingly as you guys can, but it does brighten my day reading blogs like this. The other point to consider is this: once all those who can challenge the status quo intelligently leave the world of blogging – the other bastards win!

    • Very kind words, Mr Cuntstruck.

      I’m not giving up. As I concluded, I need to change tack.

      Jonathan Swift will provide influence for a post I’m nurturing at the moment.

  6. If you’re serious about having an assistant to edit said medicated streams, subediting my main professional personas, aka pedant. I’d miss your posts a lot if you go quiet so the offer is pure self-interest!

  7. “And so these vigorous emotions have given way to abject despair.”

    I feel your pain. Intensely.

    Spot on in every respect. Life is passing us by with nearly 70 million dolts quite happy to sink into a version of the USSR … the only real difference being the language the orders are dictated in.

    Thatcher was a few decades early. Society is now dead and all that’s left is to look after oneself and keep the state out of one’s home. It’s all we are now allowed, after all.

    Ignorant cunts are in the ascendant.

  8. Thought I’d add to my earlier comment….


    All this angst-ridden soul searching. What’s with it? If you’ve better things to do – great. But find the odd moment to pass comment on the wider world. If you don’t – or Rab, or the Clown, or the Slug and we’ve forgotten about the cross one – then who will? Are we going back to Dale and Guido plus a load of uninspired tribal blogging?

    We need your stuff to leaven all the crap that folk like me write – so go find your soul (or is it your spine) and come back refreshed for the good fight against……


    Pissed Off of Cullingworth

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