I really did laugh at this:

The hypothesis that being a leftie was a genetic and/or psychiatric state of affairs is something that was being tossed around on Twitter last week, so on the one hand, I’m not surprised to learn that leftism is in the blood.

The posited link, though, between leftism and open-mindedness?


Those same lefties that Dan Hannan wrote about recently. The haters, those who shut down arguments by screaming RACIST, SEXIST, HOMOPHOBE!!, those who automatically ascribe malevolent motives to right-wingers.

Those who hate the smokers, envy the successful, seek to thwart the ambitious.

Yes. Very open-minded.

There are minds open & closed, small and large, across the political spectrum, if not across the Telegraph newsroom.


UPDATE: It occurs to me that, if there’s any truth in these claims of genetic leftism, it’s only a matter of time before they start to campaign for special protections from discrimination and other thought-crimes, in the name of equality and tolerance.

3 thoughts on “Non-sequitur

  1. Yes, I laughed too. Although my thoughts was that if this is true, they don’t qualify for special protections, they qualify for treatment.

    Which is when it would be great fun to remind them of their concept that the State knows best, that it is in their interests to be treated, and that just like the smokers, the fatties, and the drinkers, they *will* be treated whether they want to be or not….

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