Back in February, The Spectator posed the question:


“Huh, I already know the answer to that one,” thought I.

So I was apparently in the minority, in that I was perfectly un-shocked by this:


David Cameron is planning to approve a £435m increase in Britain’s contribution to the EU next year, prompting a row with the Tory right as he admits defeat in a battle to freeze Europe’s budget.

Not exactly ring-fenced then, let alone cut back, this EU budget. And Cameron ‘admitted defeat’.

Being the black-and-white chap that I am, I’ve long held by a personal maxim, that “a compromise is a defeat one is forced to smile about”.

Lo, and behold…



Oh.. okay. Nice work, Spam.

Take the rest of the day off. Please.

I suppose he could have claimed it as a win were it not for the fact that he knew it was coming…

Mr Cameron said he had inherited the budget deal

… so he wasn’t ambushed.

And, I don’t remember him ever saying anything about having to cut domestic expenditure in order to pay for increased obligations to the EU. Perhaps so as not to alert the media to euro-scepticism, but more likely so as not to alert the party faithful to the fact that Cameron isn’t euro-sceptic in the slightest.

Either way, this cuts to the heart of why I was unable to vote for the Tories at the last election.

Another angle on the whole thing can be read here. Doubtless other frothage is out there…

Stop the ride. I wanna get off, before I vomit.


UPDATE: In case you were wondering how all the EU’s filth loot would be apportioned…




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