Who will be worst hit by cuts? Obvious, isn’t it?

The last government directed disproportionate funding, through benefits and public sector employment, towards Labour constituencies, women and families.

As a higher rate tax payer with no kids, I’ve been milked for tax money and have never EVER seen a return on my investment, and likely never will. So it could hardly be the case that I was going to come off worst in any government cuts, was it?

“Women hit hardest by cuts” – umm.. because a disproportionate number of state jobs have gone to women.

“Families hit hardest by cuts” – umm.. because funds have previously been disproportionately channelled towards families?

“Labour constituencies hit hardest by cuts” – umm.. because …. well you get the picture.

I must have missed the headline – anytime in the last 13 years – that said “Al Jahom hit hardest by tax rises to pay for women, families and the public sector”

Oh yeah… I didn’t miss it, did I?

So suck up the cuts, people, because you’ve had your summertime under Labour, and now it’s time for you to enter my wintery world of extortionate taxes for precisely NOTHING in return.

And to think they’ve barely trimmed a slice of prosciutto, when the whole hog really should be slain.



7 thoughts on “Who will be worst hit by cuts? Obvious, isn’t it?

  1. I though you were dead.

    Considered from the point of view of The State vs. The People, that’s taxes up, benefits down, state spending largely unchanged. I make that 2-0 to The State.

  2. Women in this country have had it all their own way for the last thirteen years.If they have been given ( not earned ) more than their share of cushy public sector jobs simply on account of their gender then it stands to reason that they are more likely to lose their jobs. The solution therefore is that they go out to work in the private sector or they could always start their own businesses and prove how good they are at creating wealth rather than simply spending it. Chances of that happening ????/ F*** All!!!!!!

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