On not giving a flying fuck

ITV’s London Tonight – a TV programme, apparently – thinks we could give a shit what some overpaid kickyball douchebag thinks about likely cuts to police budgets.

By referral, so does the Tellygiraffe.


Could anyone who thinks Rio Ferdinand has an opinion worthy of merit, regarding anything more important than football, please report to your nearest suicide booth?

I’m not going to bother dissecting Ferdinand’s opinion. I shall simply despair that anyone thought it worthy of an airing.



About Al Jahom
Anti-social malcontent, misanthrope and miserable git.

9 Responses to On not giving a flying fuck

  1. JuliaM says:

    What next? The thoughts of Katie Price on the ConDem’s foreign policy?

  2. Ray says:

    People don’t feel safe on the streets now, especially when there are police about..

  3. Monty Cristo says:

    Since when has been able to do ‘numbers’?

  4. sadbutmadlad says:

    Could anyone who thinks Al Jahom has any opinion worthy of merit, regarding anything more important than the price of fish, make themselves known so that they can take his place. ;-o

    • Al Jahom says:

      In the unlikely event that you find my opinion being reported upon, and lent weight, in the media, you may pose that very question. :o)

  5. Fascist Hippy says:

    Rio who?

  6. Johnnydub says:

    What a load of cack..

    At the same time as police numbers have grown to an all – time high, a Chief Constable has come out and admitted they’ve lost control of the streets as they all hiding at HQ waiting for their cushy retirement.

    So therefore what fucking difference will it make if a few are pensioned off early?

    Fear-mongering and lazy… What a combo

    As for Rio… fuck off you illiterate twat…

  7. eTHAN says:


    Thats nothing. Over here we give our trained monkeys a peaked cap and a uniform. Then allow them to be Traffic Enforcement Wardens, Securtiy Guards, Police Community Support Ossifers, Wheel Clampers etc. Though we eschew the smaller breeds and usually go straight for the Baboons.

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