Tyranny of the NIMBYs

First they came for the motor racing, but you didn’t speak out, because you weren’t a motor racing enthusiast.

Then they came for the chiiiiilldreeeen’s playtime. You’re fucking paying attention now, aren’t you?


A school has reluctantly banned hard-ball games and reduced pupil numbers in outdoor breaks after neighbours complained about "excessive" noise.

Boisterous children have played in the grounds of Barlby primary school, near Selby in North Yorkshire, for more than a century, but governors say that modern legislation has forced the move.

Three nearby residents have complained repeatedly to Selby district council, and the school feared that a noise abatement order might follow, imposing more severe restrictions.

Well, look. I don’t have kids. Hell, I can’t even stand the grotty little sods. But I’m speaking out. Do you see?

Three people – fucking three! – complained about the noise of children playing. In a school playground. That’s been a school playground for more than 100 years.

And the school has to roll over because of stupid NIMBY-loving laws – probably brought in by Labour, but the other lot are just as big a bunch of cunts, so it’s a moot point.

Or perhaps the school could have had more robust legal advice? And just who are these three people who seem to be able to make the world bend their will? What is it I should know?


11 thoughts on “Tyranny of the NIMBYs

  1. And just who are these three people who seem to be able to make the world bend their will? What is it I should know?

    I was saying the same thing to my fellow dirty mac wearers as we watched the kiddywinks playing all those noisy games Al.

    You couldn’t make it up, could you.

  2. That’s fuck all.
    ONE stoopid Londoner bought a ‘holiday home’ to the quaint little town of Ulverston which had a lovely town clock that chimed every hour as it had done for over 100 years.
    Silly bitch complained to the local council about it keeping her a week and the council completely rolled over.

    The world has seems to have collectively forgotten how to tell people to politely but firmly “FUCK OFF!”

    • As a libertarian I believe that the tyranny of the majority is just as bad. All individuals have rights as individuals. We used to be much more tolerant and respectful, now we are oppressed by single complaints upheld by obscene PC laws and fears and the democratic fallacy that 51% of the people have the right to dictate to the other 49%.

  3. II wonder how long these complainants’ houses have been around.
    I have a factory sort of at the bottom of our garden that works 24 hours but is supposed to restrict forklift activity and close its doors between 18:00 and 8:00. There are quite a few houses around and in this case the factory is new. In practice, a sodding great forklift more in keeping with Harwich docks than a semi rural industrial estate belts around all night making a huge racket. The factory is in breach of multiple counts of planning consent and really is a pain in the arse so having made some helpful suggestions to the manager based on the way other local outfits operate and being totally ignored I finally gave in and complained. I don’t think I’m a NIMBY but suddenly having to shut all the windows tight and turn the TV on at 3:00 just to blot out the roar and get back to sleep does seem reasonable grounds for complaint. The council have been and looked but essentially done bugger all after several months.
    I wonder if that is because the arrogant bully who owns the factory is a multi-millionaire with people in his pocket rather than a bunch of defenceless kids? It seems thathere is one rule for the landed gentry and one for the rest of us. How could anyone complain about a school playground? Sure it can be loud but it is so in th eweek, in th eworking day and not for very long. This is madness. Rich tossers can flout every rule in the book but kids are banned from their playgound. Sick!

  4. I remember going to a track day at Donnington Park. We had the obligatory briefing, which went along the lines of “Try not to crash if you can avoid it. But don’t ever, ever, exceed the noise limit. Ever. Or we’ll throw you out. And confiscate your car. And sell your children into slavery. Please don’t. Please. We’re begging you.”

    Yes, the local council have exceedingly strict noise limits on Donnington. And they have a nasty miserable frowning git present at all times with a clipboard and a dayglo jacket.

    We then left the briefing room and walked to the pits. As we walked there, our chatting was interrupted; from overhead we heard the unmistakable SCREECHNEEEOOOOWWWW of a 747 at low altitude. Oh yes – East Midlands airport is next door. Right next door.

    I felt like complaining about the airport noise – it meant I couldn’t hear the wonderful sound of the flat sixes and the V8s.

  5. Sounds like Mr. and Mrs Cunt who complained about the dukebox in the pub a few doors down from their house. It’s an alternative pub, it plays metal and so on. The dukebox is set to a standard noise level in line with license laws. Fuckers still complained. Didnt complain about the pub 4 doors down and closer to their house which hosts live jazz bands that can be heard halfway up the street.

  6. So these people didn’t notice a school next to a house they bought? Or have they lived there over a hundred years or more before the school was built? We need to find out who these people are and give them hell!

  7. This school thing is not always as clear cut as it appears.

    At the back of us we have a school for 7 to 10 year olds….or there abouts.

    School has been there since 1913, no problem….until last year they got a new headmaster.

    The bastards there have developed a “game” which appears to consist of twenty of them standing around and LITERALLY screaming, in true “house of horror style”, at the tops of their voices for two periods of twenty minutes per day, and for bout three hours after school (They go big on the after school clubs here, and school ends at 14:00 or something).

    The headmaster thinks this is a GREAT way for the bastards to “release energy”, and has actually developed it into a school competition to see who can scream loudest. (We were told that to our faces when we, the neighbours, went as a “delegation, to complain.

    Not only that, but they have a school bell which is LOUD, we have measured this bastard at 200 dbn, 30 meters away on our balconies, and it is even louder in the garden. This arsehole communist shit head (ALL teachers are such), allows the bastards to “play” with this bell, as it is one of these where two bastards from every class get to be “bell monitor” and whose job it is to “press the button”….Bit like the U,S Presidents job and button pressing). 07:50, 08:00, off goes the bell. Last Monday for TEN FUCKING MINUTES LONG!!, after school, the communist arsehole head (for all teachers are of this sort), actually lets four or five of the bastards into the office to “play with the bell”.

    This can go on, with it ringing variously from a few seconds every five seconds or so, to a full fifteen minutes solid one day in August.

    As I said, we went to him to complain, and his answer “They are only children having fun”.

    So do NOT automatically rip into the people complaining. You do not know the full story.

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