This is just getting silly

I recently remarked upon my 2010 position in the Total Politics Blog Poll, in the Scottish Blogs section.

Apparently, I came in at #13 in the Scottish list this year, which is a decent enough improvement, and puts me in the mix with some distinguished purveyors of porridge-based prose.

But it’s time to right this wrong, so I’ve dropped TP an email to ask them to put me in the right categories.

And that’s precisely what I did. My email exchange with the very lovely Emily Sutton included the following:

I don’t live in Scotland – I’m English and I live in England. I just happen to support Scottish independence for English reasons.

I’m right wing libertarian.

So now I can be absolutely sure that Total Politics is taking the piss, having just discovered that as well as #13 in the Scottish rankings, I am also #40 in the Left Wing Blogs Top 100, ahead of Jack of Kent, LabourHome, Pickled Politics, Kerry McCarthy, George Monbiot, Bevanite Ellie and many, many others.

It looks like I’m not the only one who shouldn’t be in the list though, so it all looks like a terrible terrible mistake.

I shall communicate further with Ms. Sutton.

In the meantime, however, I’m having the badge, if only for comedic incongruity value.


Sod it, I’m having the Jock one as well.




21 thoughts on “This is just getting silly

  1. You buckfast drinking, heroin addled, wife beating, unemployed, giro cashing, labour voting, deep fried pizza guzzling bastard!!

    A Labour supporting porridge wog wannabe, who’d have thunk it…

  2. Do you know what Al J., I don’t give a tinker’s toss whwther you are English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, combination therefrom, or any pantone shade.

    If I am for Scottish independence it would be quite illogical Mr Spock if I did not support the right of the honest English to self deterinmination.

    The enemy is not each other, but dinosaurs of an elite establishment which still lives in the smokey atmosphere of post imperial Whitehall clubs.

    They have everything north of Watford too.

    We still be good neighbours and good friends after the divorce and especially after you have disposed of them.

          • Done that too often.

            As for the water of life, I used to make that and, by choice, didn’t drink it, especially the free ration. Far too dangerous if it is available from the water cooler. I drink by the mouthfull, as a beer drinker and with spirits that is deadly.

            I can take a G & T on a Summer’s day wth lots of tonic, ice and lime but I have never drunk vodka, apart fro good Polish stuff. What’s the point of Smirnoff? Simpler and easier to mainline it and drink OJ.

  3. That is fucking hilarious. And I don’t care how much effort you have to expend to sort it out either. Made me laugh and that’s it.

    A bit of red really does tie the place together though, doncha think? ;)

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