Déjà Mong

Once you’ve been blogging a while, you find that subjects frequently arise time after time, even though you’ve already dealt with them in no uncertain terms.

Today, it is the turn of the Daily Mail to prattle on …


…. about something I dealt with back in April.

To summarise:

The reason these spaces exist and are right in front of the stores is simply this: Parents spend a fortune in the sort of establishments that have P&C parking spaces, so supermarkets, leisure parks etc have no problem affording this demographic special treatment.

Accordingly, they are a commercial enticement, not the fulfilment of a civic good, which is what disabled spaces are

Boo-hoo, breeders. Suck it up. You’re not special and neither are your screaming sprogs.

And in light of their apparent fury, it’s almost worth using P&C spaces just to drive the point home to them.



5 thoughts on “Déjà Mong

  1. Fury? Fury is banging your fist on the table, shouting turning red then blue, throwing stuff, viens popping out. It’s the pinnacle of anger.
    What is probably really happening is the odd “ignorant cunt” every now and then.
    Anyone who can attain true fury over a parking space deserves a smack in the chops.

  2. I just read this in the DM article:

    “Some have accused thuggish teenagers and single men of using the generously sized spaces when they roar in to buy cigarettes and alcohol.”

    That has got to be the worst journalistic sentance I have ever read.

  3. Disabled parking bays are backed by law. Family parking bays are a service provided by the supermarket.

    It is up to the supermarket to police the bays as they see fit. If they see abuse and get complaints they might do something about it. If people just go to the press first then the supermarket isn’t going to hear the complaint.

  4. For most of the history of the Earth there has been no ice at the poles. There is only ice at the poles during an ice age. I do hope the climate is getting warmer as we are moving steadily into an interglacial period. The ice age ended 13,000 years ago but the remnants still survie at and around the poles. This warming up is perfectly normal and more to do with the axial tilt and wobble of the Earch and solar output than bloody CO2

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