Brainwashing state-owned children

You probably think they’re your children. They’re not. They belong to the state. You’re merely charged with delivering them back to the institution daily.

Corrugated Soundbite brings word of this (via Filthy Engineer, via Counting Cats via.. oh never mind.), from one of the biggest unacknowledged powers behind big-government across the western world.

Here’s what they’re doing to children throughout the Western world. Far Left Communists and their useful idiots with a totalitarian agenda doing exactly what a Far Left Fascist and his useful idiots were doing in the 1930s.

Look at the hatred in the eyes. Listen to the way he spews all this having evidently been given no proof whatsoever to back up these claims. Only repetition. He’s known nothing else and not been shown how to find it.

Captain Ranty is right. These are the children of Mr and Mrs Normal.

This is just the tip of the Gramscian iceberg.

So, if you have kids, just remember that every time you drop them off at the school gates, they’ll spend the next 6-8 hours being turned into a collaborator.

Have you read 1984? If not, you need to.

Unless you imbue in your kids a balanced outlook and the reasoning powers and strength of character to see that Greenpeace scaremongering and propaganda is precisely that, they’ll be your downfall, and ours too. You’ll have failed as a parent and a reasoning adult. If you can live with that, okay, but I’ll bestow no mercy upon your ignorant spawn should they cross my path.



9 thoughts on “Brainwashing state-owned children

  1. The only crime this video is illustrating is the brainwashing / indoctrination of the global warming camp, and the failure of the education system to instill any critical thinking ability in to our children – what hope the future indeed. I’d worry less about entire countries disappearing (*giggle*) and more about the economic future for any country where the children are so indoctrinated, and so lacking in mental capacity.

  2. For most of the history of the Earth there has been no ice at the poles. There is only ice at the poles during an ice age. I do hope the climate is getting warmer as we are moving steadily into an interglacial period. The ice age ended 13,000 years ago but the remnants still survie at and around the poles. This warming up is perfectly normal and more to do with the axial tilt and wobble of the Earch and solar output than bloody CO2

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