Ian Blair, delusional tool.

This comes via Tom Harris, who is somewhat taken aback at tacitly being branded racist by Ian Blair, formerly New labour’s Top Cop. Blair was forced out, ostensibly for being a useless, politically motivated sack of shit, by Boris Johnson in 2008.

Tom Harris’ gripe is that Blair implies that anyone in the Labour party who isn’t supporting (and funding) Diane Abbott for the leadership is racist.

How, for instance, can Labour Party members not be outraged about the lack of donations to Diane Abbott’s leadership campaign?

Never mind the myriad, perfectly legitimate, reasons for deploring Abbott’s bid, not least that she’s a hard left unilateralist and humongous racist hypocrite herself.

What caught my eye, though, was Blair’s next statement.

And how could London’s Conservative-run Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) announce recently that the Met is no longer affected by institutional racism?

Well, that sounded somewhat strange to me, because in February 2009, Jack Straw, then Justice Secretary said to the BBC:

"If you are asking me whether I believe the Met as a whole is still institutionally racist, the answer is no."

Yet in the same month, Boris Johnson, Conservative Mayor of London, and chair of the MPA, said:

“It was the anniversary of the death of Stephen Lawrence and we had a very nasty incident, the relic of a very nasty incident, in Belgravia, and this reminds us that racism exists, is alive and is vile and must be stamped out in the police service.”

So I hereby declare Ian Blair’s cretinously partisan piece in the New Statesman to be the epitome of lefty delusion and revisionism.

Happily, no-one whatsoever has to listen to a word the cunt says any more.



One thought on “Ian Blair, delusional tool.

  1. Astonishing, really, that the New Statesman thinks anyone takes Ian Blair’s opinion about anything seriously.

    But then John “on the front line in my hotel” Pilger is also a regular contributor, so anything’s possible, I guess.

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