Whoring update

Regular readers may recall that last year I came in as the 22nd most popular Scottish blogger in the Total Politics blog poll. This was odd because I’m English and I live in England. I think my support for Scottish independence confused them.

Apparently, I came in at #13 in the Scottish list this year, which is a decent enough improvement, and puts me in the mix with some distinguished purveyors of porridge-based prose.

But it’s time to right this wrong, so I’ve dropped TP an email to ask them to put me in the right categories.

Of course, I should have done so earlier, but there we are. So maybe I’ll now turn up in the Libertarian blogs. Who knows?

Either way, thanks for the vote, folks :o)



3 thoughts on “Whoring update

  1. Chuckle. Really didn’t expect you to appear on the ‘Scottish Blogs’ list two years in row, but hey 22 -13 is a helluva good jump. I think it will always remain a mystery how someone who is not Scottish, doesn’t live in Scotland and doesn’t blog a great deal about Scotland in general has ended up as one of the pin up poster boys of Scottish Blogs. I personally think it may have something to do with your desire and ability to wear a skirt in public no matter what the occassion, but I could be wrong*.

    Mummy x

    *No really real Scottish people/bloggers were harmed in the making of this comment, although they may have been left slightly bemused, befuddled and totally in awe of Al Jahoms highly successful undercover operation in which he infiltrated the Scottish Blogosphere to such an extent that even they and Total Politics didn’t realise he was, in fact, not Scottish at all.


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