Welcome to the 51st shittiest blog, evaaaaaarrr.

You just can’t buy vindication like this:

The UK’s 100 Worst Political Blogs

While Iain is currently rattling off the annual Top 100 politics blogs, it’s time to look at the real stinkers polluting political blogland. This list was compiled from those who voted in the 100 Worst UK Politics Blogs poll that ran between 10th July and 11th August.

60) Shot By Both Sides
59) Butterflies and Wheels
58) Duff and Nonsense
57) Nick Robinson’s Newsblog
56) Though Cowards Flinch
55) Mac Uaid
54) Islamophobia Watch
53) Who Goes Home?
52) Welsh Bloggers
51) Al Jahom’s Final Word
50) Elliott Joseph
49) Luke Akehurst
48) Benedict Brogan
47) The Exile
46) Blurred Clarity
45) spEak You’re bRanes
44) LabourList
43) Aaronovitch Watch
42) Craig Murray
41) Andrew Allison
40) Archbishop Cranmer

Gawd bless all you haters :o)

Because it really isn’t worth blogging unless you can piss people off sometimes.



About Al Jahom
Anti-social malcontent, misanthrope and miserable git.

3 Responses to Welcome to the 51st shittiest blog, evaaaaaarrr.

  1. The Grim Reaper says:


    You hateful cunt. :p

  2. hesspartacus says:

    Bollocks. Ignored again.

    I’m seriously considering stepping off this tumbril of fame.

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