Irony Overload

This, from Anna Racoon, is just glorious.

Con-Dem partnerships can be tricky……

Coalition partners resort to violence.

Liberal-Democrat councillor Christine James has been charged with assault and will appear in Weymouth Magistrate’s Court on September 9th.

Feeling are running high amongst the tribal ground force. Passions inflamed as agendas are compromised. Who did she assault?

Her alleged victim is believed to be her husband of 19 years and Conservative Borough council colleague, Ian James.

Mr James is a champion of the Weymouth and Portland Domestic Violence and Abuse Forum and sits on the Community Safety Partnership…..

At a borough council meeting earlier this month, Christine James said that campaigners from the Friends of Weymouth Refuge for battered partners had ‘proven that a refuge like this is both relevant and needed.




2 thoughts on “Irony Overload

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  2. Irony, thy name is Anna

    I certainly don’t want to appear to be one of the fabled cabal only linking to the top bloggers,

    I am giving serious consideration to ditching the blogroll altogether. I am also giving serious consideration to ditching my ‘Saturday Evening Posts Worth Reading’ feature in its present form

    What I would like to do, and here you all have to play your part – why should I do all the work around here? – is to give you an e-mail address – annaraccoon.newshound@gmailcom – and invite you to send me in links every week to the pieces you have found on the Internet that you have most enjoyed.

    You are the ones with the time to read the lesser known blogs.

    You are best placed to decide which blogs should be getting a wider audience

    Yes, I think Irony is a subject AR knows a lot about.

    Her being a blogger and all.

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