The writing is on the germ-smeared wall

The NHS is increasingly being shown up for the unworkable, expensive and inhuman behemoth that it is.


Too many people have experienced misdiagnosis, neglect and lack of care from the NHS, the Patients Association said today, as figures show a record number of complaints.

According to the NHS Information Centre, written complaints about NHS hospital and community health services in England have seen the biggest year-on-year rise since annual reports began in 1997/98.

From the last financial year to this there was a 13.4% rise, from 89,139 to 101,077 written complaints. The biggest group (44.2%) concerned the medical profession, while the second biggest proportion of complaints concerned nurses, midwives and health visitors (22%).

The largest proportion of complaints (42.2%) was about treatment that patients had received, followed by the attitude of staff (12.2%).

The Patients Association said the rise in complaints was very worrying. It was "reflected in an increase in the number of people contacting our helpline to tell us of problems they are having with NHS services," said the association’s chief executive, Katherine Murphy.

Caring professions indeed.

Parcel it up & sell it off.

There’s really no other way.


One thought on “The writing is on the germ-smeared wall

  1. Do we know how big the department is dealing with the complaints? At my public sector work place it is a team of 6 with a manger dealing with complaints/compliments and they only deal with a few thousand

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