Can we just clear something up here, please?

Serial numpty George Michael has been found guilty of possession of a quantity of class B drug (cannabis) and driving while unfit through drugs, after crashing his Range Rover into a shop-front.


The obvious implication here is that it was being under the influence of cannabis that caused him to crash.

Post hoc, ergo wake me up before I go hoc.

So, I call bullshit.

A blood sample was taken and chemicals linked to cannabis were found in his system. He had not been drinking alcohol.


Mr PcPhee said he also wanted to know what impact a prescription sedative may have had on Michael’s behaviour.

What? A fucking prescription sedative? I think we can guess.

Let me tell you something, you ignorant wankers. I know some (professional) people who hardly ever get behind the wheel without a spliff in hand, and yet haven’t had a single accident in 10+ years I’ve known them.

I also know people who are an absolute fucking hazard as soon as they’ve taken something for their hayfever or cold. Let alone a sedative.

Are we done here?



4 thoughts on “Can we just clear something up here, please?

  1. Issue is he was unfit to drive by virtue of his own actions yet again – couldn’t care less about the reason. Ergo as with any other person he should have the book thrown at him. He endangered peoples lives – IMO he should NEVER be allowed to drive again. He’s rich enough to afford a driver.

    But since he’s rich and famous and can afford to pay for the damages and for fancy legal representation I expect he’ll just receive a token slap on the wrist. A judicial tug to the forelock and can we do anything else for you Mr Michael sir would you like to put your head in between the wife’s jubblies and go wibble sir.

    Frankly IMO there’s bugger all difference between him and some Basildon Chav drugged or drunk up to the eyeballs in a clapped out Saxo being scraped up off the side of the A127. Usually to be fouind in the Saxo is the corpse of the girlfriend he;s killed. I remember reading somewhere that the chief cause of death amongst youg girls is their eeejut boyfriends motoring.

    I take a very dim view of imbecile drivers who elect to make themselves unfit to drive- by whatever means
    So I’d like him punished and severely. If he’d have been punished earlier then maybe this second incident wouldn’t have happened.

    26/2/06 4/7/10

  2. Couldn’t agree more. Even anti-inflammatories can lut you out of action, I was put on diclofenac a couple of years ago and had to disqualify myself from driving the forklift at work (much to the annoyance of my manager). It says quite plainly on fhe packet if tlthey are ljkely to affect your driving.

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