Speed guns do not work, says copper who was caught by one.



A senior policewoman clocked speeding is challenging the charge by claiming that the speed gun used by her own force was not accurate.

If she wins, it could open the floodgates to thousands of appeals from motorists across the country who have been caught using the devices.

Superintendent Helen Chamberlain, 43, was recorded driving at 79mph on a road with a 50mph limit.

She was given a verbal warning by the officer who stopped her. But a more senior officer disagreed with the decision and asked the Crown Prosecution Service to review the case.

Supt Chamberlain, from Harworth, Nottinghamshire, who works for Nottinghamshire police’s city division, pleaded not guilty to a charge of speeding at Nottingham magistrates’ court on Wednesday.

Ian Boddy, defending, said that questions over the accuracy of the speed gun test result would form the basis of her not guilty plea.

That’ll be one to watch, although I don’t like her chances, unless she’s got Nick Freeman’s firm onboard.

Thing is, this will come down to one of two things. Either she’s trying it on, or she knows that her own police force has issued thousands of penalty notices to innocent motorists who have precious little chance of defending themselves. Either way, the stench of ‘one rule for them’ lingers in the air again.



4 thoughts on “Speed guns do not work, says copper who was caught by one.

  1. If she gets as much cooperation from the Nottingham CPS as regards evidence not forthcoming my oppinion is that she has not got a cat in hells chance of successfully challenging the system. However the very fact that the CPS might well not ‘help’ in any way shape or form mught well be the right amunition for her Solicitor to have the case thrown out of Court due to the lack of technical evidence held by the Prosecution. It becomes clear that ordinary mortals re finances do not stand much chance of winning and in any case here in Nottingham ludicrously low speed limits are prevelent and this is seized upon by the Camera operators who predominantly do not give a shit about the ACPO instuctions for the use of the device and they also know full well where they will get the maximum amount of customers –by the thousands.

  2. See now, if “she” had been a “he” – this could all have been sorted out over a pint at the Golf Club…

    Or the “Lodge”

  3. It doesn’t really matter if she wins, surely?

    If a senior police officer has stated in court, under oath, that speed guns don’t work, and it’s on record, every ‘no win no fee’ parasite should be on it like a dog on a leg.

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