A story of everyday folk: Thick as mince

I really did snigger at this:


Raydon? RAYDON?


The couple chose the unusual name after they became convinced they were having a boy, and planned to name it Raymond after Mr Cross’s father.

‘When a little girl came along we had to change our plans – I just sort of made the name up,’ Mr Cross said.

You don’t say…

Now, having had my fun pointing and laughing at the mongs from Coventry, you’d perhaps expect me to turn both barrels on the public sector imbecile who allowed this to happen, after all..

Lisa, 21, of Coventry, West Midlands, said: ‘I just don’t understand how this happened.

‘When I took Raydon to the register office, she was dressed like a little girl. She was wearing pink dungarees, a pink top, and had a pink hat on.

But no, not on this occasion.

A spokesperson for Coventry Register Office said: ‘We apologise to Mr and Mrs Cross for the mistake. We have met with them and the mistake has been rectified and new certificates issued.’

‘The process of registering the birth of a child does give the opportunity on several occasions for the details to be checked by parents before certificates are signed.’

So this is just a case to two complete tools looking to hold everyone else responsible for their own EPIC failure.


66 thoughts on “A story of everyday folk: Thick as mince

  1. Yup, that’s just about the size of it.

    And seeing as they are both unemployed (and therefore, it’s actually US who are paying for the sprog) perhaps WE should get to name it?

  2. erm hello the story is not about the choice of name here, its about the fact it took 6 weeks to correct the problem on RAYDONS birth certificate!!! i dont think u have the right to comment on what someone calls their baby being as its not YOUR CHILD!!! an yeah so what if lisa an darrell dont have jobs do u even know the reasons why NO!!! so you dont get to comment on that either!!! in future fools read the story an then comment not just pick on someone because you are all complete retards with nothin else to do!!! GET A LIFE!!! an yeah i can comment due to the fact i know the parents an baby Raydon!!!

    • Yeah – we do have the right to comment – it was in the papers. They exposed themselves to public scrutiny. Why did they do that?

      Why did they not check the birth certificate details before signing? And having failed to check, how is it anyone’s fault but theirs?

      Why did they never consider the 50:50 possibility that they’d have a girl and think of a girl’s name, just in case?

      Oh and so what if they’re unemployed? Where do you think the money comes from to pay their dole, tax credits, healthcare etc?

      • they went to the papers to get the registry office to get a move on as they where takin their time changing raydons birth certificate they went to the local paper not the national papers. the national papers hunted them down today knockin on every door in their street till they found them!!!

        the birth certificate was checked the error was made after!!! so not their fault there thank you!!!

        erm hello read the story she is named after her granddad!!!

        an also how do u know why they aint got jobs an why they are both not workin now do u no wen they lost their jobs or why NO!!!

        an yeah im a tax payer an i aint got a prob with my tax money goin to british people!!! get rid off the imigrants maby then this country wouldnt be in the state its in because they have more money for their big houses an top of the range mobiles an designer clothes while there are british people out of work and living on the streets!!!!!!!!

        thank you!!!

        • Wait, so they checked it, signed it off and *then* the registrar added the sex of the child to the birth certificate?

          That makes no sense.

          I know they both ‘ain’t got jobs’ because the story, in the newspaper, says, “The couple, who are unemployed, have have also missed out on child benefit and tax credits because of the mix up.”

          • yeah the story does say that but i asked do YOU know WHY they dont have jobs or how they lost them or when they lost them i didnt say at any point that they had jobs now did i???

            so back to my point what right do you have commenting on what my friends called their baby when you your self dont have a normal name or even an english name??? who or what are you named after??? because i know Raydon’s name has a meaning to her family and friends!!!

              • Raydon is the name of the Suffolk village next to the one I grew up in.
                (Uncle Albert mode) ‘during the war ….the US Army Air Corps operated P38’s from an airfield at Raydon.

                Fugging daft name for a girl though. Giro (pr Gireau) is far better.

                • Mr Broxted I cannot work out if that comment was to me as I had not made a sweeping statement of any kind, but if it was, please follow the links back (someone reasonably intelligent could do it) and you will find that my comment was made about ‘thinks radon is beautiful’ not about Ethan or his comment. As for the BNP I am unsure quite where that came from or what you are insinuating, but you are totally on the wrong track if you think that I may be a member or supporter. If it was not directed at me I apologise unreservedly.

        • Am i being told to leave AGAIN!! Can I take my big house with me….and my cat walk garms? Or should I donate them to your community centre for the ill informed and partially educated?

          • if your in this country sponging off our government then yeah go back to what ever country you come from!!! an no i dont really care if your country is at war because at the end of the day thats not my fault its your governments fault oh wait no its not most of the countrys at war are at war over religion!!! what a stupied reason to fight…… oh quick go kill them people over there cos they worship god in a different way to me!!!! ha ha ha

        • “…the national papers hunted them down today knockin on every door in their street till they found them!!!

          I expect it was quite a hunt. I mean, how many dumb, barely literate, unemployed scroungers can there BE in one street?

            • Thankfully, no. I can afford not to, even with the staggering sums I pay in tax to feed, clothe and educate the underclass.

              It certainly seems as if the first two are getting done, by the way. Jury’s still out on the third…

              • hahahaha you make me laugh we are not underclass at all!
                we both come from well off backgrounds! my father is the MD of an international company and my partners father is a very successful landlord so please stop judging as you do not know anything about us! we have never claimed benifits as we have had no income for 6weeks and are still living off our savings!
                i would like you to stop being such a pompus b***h get your head out of your arse and try looking at the real problems in the world like children being beaten and starved!

                raydons mummy

                • I would like a pony that eats garbage and craps ice-cream.

                  Oh, and hey, Coventry peeps: some anonymous Internet commenter thinks you should stop starving and beating your kids. It’s bad, m’kay?

                  • ok get off the crack and then come back to me with a decent reply or you could just grow up because you make just as much sense as a used tampon!!!!!

  3. to Al jahom…

    named after a t.v station wow how cool is that??? not!!! (note the sarcasm)

    thats just so funny at least Raydon can say she is named after her grandfather, or the village or even a nice little church… people places and things that have meanings!!!

    • The only way poor little Raydon can claim she was ‘named after her grandfather’ (and be believed) is if all her friends have dyslexia.

      Which isn’t that much of a stretch, now I come to think about it…

  4. Another example of our failed education system i’m afraid.

    I do however agree with you that we should not fund immigrants who do not have a job. We should have a skilled-based immigration policy.

    We should not open our door to the primitive islamic hordes just to feel good inside.

  5. So the parent’s didn’t check the birth certificate in detail. To be honest I don’t blame them. They’ll have looked at it many times but because they knew their daughter was a girl they wouldn’t have seen only what they wanted to see. A common mistake. Women tell men off constantly about it saying “it’s under your nose”.

    As to the reason it’s in the papers. It sounds like the couple couldn’t cope with civil service timescales and council efficiency not helped by the fact that their daughter was missing important immunisations. So they went to their local newspaper to try and get them to chivy the officials along. That’s their mistake. They should have used their MP. Then no publicity and no embarrassment.

    • ” They’ll have looked at it many times but because they knew their daughter was a girl they wouldn’t have seen only what they wanted to see. A common mistake.”

      Yup, that’s why you always get someone else to proof-read your work. You get ‘wordblind’ to your own usual typos.

      But in this case, since a question over sex had already been raised, how difficult is it to check that on the form?

    • so what your name then? where are you from?
      my childs name has meaning to me and my family its jack s**t to do with you or anybody else for that matter!
      she will grow up with so much love and care from a happy family so why not start praising young couples who have children and stay together instead of trying to pull them down?
      so why is a childs name so important to you when there are children being abused left right and centre and all you can do is say i need to be executed!
      i feel really sorry for you in the fact that you feel so strongly about a name which has so much meaning to me and my husband! you must lead a very sad lonely life if things like this bother you so much!

        • yes i do and its a beautiful village!
          but what has that gotta do with our story on how long it took to sort out a problem?
          you people are sad but im glad my baby girl has given you all something to google!
          now get a life and start dealing with the real problems in this world!!!!!!!!!

          • Nothing really. I just grew up in the village next to it.
            Beauty must be in the eye of the beholder, because it just looks like any other village to me. Lavenham is much prettier imo.

            The airfield buildings (before HMG sold it off) used to house the old ‘Green Goddess’ fire engines. I remember as a kid getting thrown off the field after trespassing to nose into the hangers.
            A few months after they were used in the firemans strike of 1977.

  6. “Raydon is the top provider of convoy trainers to the United States Armed Services, and the largest domestic commercial source of novice driver trainers.”

    “Raydon is leading the way by using Virtual Reality to enhance and save lives across the globe by developing solutions to life threatening problems. From assessment, to skills training, to treatment and retraining. Raydon’s goal is to bring our WarFighter ALL THE WAY HOME.”


    Maybe I misjudged the situation. Sounds like a talented child.

  7. so to all you people out there slating of coventry….. next time you drive your car or fly in an areoplane or even look at your watch or get in a black cab remember all things things are assioated with coventry….. and as for saying where all need an education erm our city has 2 YES 2 universitys erm how many of you live in a city with 2??? and as for slating lisa and darrell over the choice of their babys name erm how sad are you all you are all just a bunch of bullies because you are picking on an 8 week old baby!!! does that make you all fell better you bunch of retards!!!

  8. me and my husband went to the papers 5 weeks after we noticed the misteak, our story was not to hight light the misteak but in which way it was delt with……bith us and the registery office take this as a genuine misteak with both partys to blame.

    i lost my job when i was 9 weeks pregnant due to the company going into admistration, with being pregnant i found it extreamly hard to find work…now should i have had an abortion just because i lost me job???

    my husband lost his job 2 weeks after our daughter was born again due to the company going into administration

    everybody in the uk who has a child is entilted to claim child benifit and everybody on an low income is intilited to claim child tax credits

    our daughter is named after her grandfather who desperatly wanted a granddaughter and asked if we would name out child after him… so we agreed, every name has many meanings and Raydon to us means FAMILY and when we live in the world which we do FAMILY is the most important thing a person can posess

    many thanks

    Raydons Mummy

    p.s feel free to ask questions

    • Umm…..errrr oh cr*ap……….I forgot how to spell there for a moment…..Must be because im from coventry, as we are a bunch of retarded idiots (apparently)
      Maybe the press forgot to publish the fact i have engineering degrees and have been studying for over 5 years, As for my job role (Before the company went under) i was regarded as one of the best in my field and extremely talented in my chosen career.
      My wife and I have a free choice of what to call our daughter, however you are more than welcome to have your opinions but if you really cannot think of anything more constructive to criticize than you all must have really sad lives, are all you people really that shallow minded?????

      • If you have decent qualifications they why have you not secured gainful employment? ‘On yer bike’ down South young man. I’m fed up of paying exorbitant taxes to fund the (and you may not be in this category) bleedin work shy dole budgers.

        My tenants both from NZ have both secured employment within days of coming here. They’re polite decent people who pay their rent regular as clockwork.

      • not a single penny and we dont want any!
        We went to our local press in a bid to get the registry office to get a move on and rectify the mistake,
        our local paper then sold the story to the nationals.

  9. oh just to make it clear we where never planing on calling her raymond if she was a boy we had the name kian-paul! i thought i was having a boy because of all the old wifes tales, we didnt have a scan to tell us the sex unlike 90% of people these days!
    we are not chavs as neither of us own tracksuits or caps infact i dont even own a pair of trainers!
    raydon is my 1st child and im 21 so if i was a chav im sure id have grandkids by this age
    me and darrell are married so for once a child is born into this world with young parents that a married and happy!
    i just wish people would read the story and forget raydons name and our ages and the point we are trying to make here about it take 6weeks to correct a simple problem, the fact that we have been lied to so many times over this 6 weeks and oh just after the local paper called the office they sorted so yes we did get it sorting by going to the papers! there is some mistakes in the story and some parts that where twisted but thats the way the media work so if you believe everything you read then more fool you really, it wouldnt have made a difference is we had called her emily or sarah this mistake would still have happened!
    its not because we are thick or chavish that we didnt spot the mistake its because we had just had a baby and were so excited that she was about to become an official person and the fact that we had already had the convo about her sex we didnt see it and we only saw what we want really but the registrar didnt notice either and its her job, something that she does everyday! they also recieve paper work from the hospital to tell them:sex, date and time so she had the paper work infront of her and still manage to get it wrong!
    so on both parts we got it wrong but thats why its called a mistake and we accept that they happen its the way we were delt with that makes us angry!

    raydon’s mummy

    • “oh just to make it clear we where never planing on calling her raymond if she was a boy we had the name kian-paul!”

      Stop! Please, for the love of god! Sides…splitting

      C’mon, Al, ‘fess up. This is you, isn’t it? No-one, even from Coventry, is this determined to pull defeat from the jaws of moral victory.


      • Snigger, can someone direct me to the Raydon tribute page on facebook please, I’d like to add my congratulations.

    • Kian-Paul? Raydon??? I tell you what, if you like these names so much why don’t you take them and give your little girl a name that’s not so cuntish. Raydon??!?? I still can’t understand how the hell you came up with that, what brand of cleaning fluid were you drinking?

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