What do we want? Quiet, please. When do we want it? Hush..



Workers are also angry at plans by the city council to close libraries in Thornhill and Millbrook as part of cost-cutting measures.

The walkout is the first of two one-day strikes organised by the union Unison which will continue on Monday.

Who – I mean, WHO – is even going to notice?



6 thoughts on “What do we want? Quiet, please. When do we want it? Hush..

  1. I visited my local library last week. I had to leave after a few minutes as I couldn’t bear the foghorn voice of the librarian woman. Shouting done the phone, shouting whilst talking, shouting to her workmates.

    If she is reading this, shut the fuck up, woman!!

    • I have been into four different libraries in the past year (first time for about 25 years) and it appears to me that they have been turned into Alton Towers style adventure parks, accompanied by the associated levels of noise, shouting and unruly behaviour that you might expect in those sort or environments. The libraries I visited were in a small town in Wales and small towns in the West Country. WTF is going on?

      • well sounds like they have improved somewhat since I lasted visited one. I understand they are still free whereas Alton Towers costs a small fortune. Well done Libraians!!!

        • They are not free! They are paid for by the tax payer, more wages and fucking pensions to find, and as someone who pays for them I would like a bit of peace and quiet when there.

  2. So the libraries are going to be closed. This means no one can use them. So to ensure that people get used to the idea that they can’t use the library the staff go one strike. Couldn’t get any better!

    If the staff really wanted the public on their side, they would do things to ensure that more people used the library not less!

  3. When there were threats of massive civil service strikes over the prospect of cuts, I did say that strikes would at least let us identify which services were really essential and which were not.

    Then the threat of strikes went away. I really should have kept my mouth shut.

    Personally, I’d like as many public sector workers as possible to go on strike for as long as possible. Just to show the country that yes, we can cope and no, we don’t need Nanny to do absolutely everything for us.

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