Cameron: Man of the (tedious pecksniff) people


Yesterday, Mr Cameron responded to plans by 10 councils in the North West to create a by-law making it illegal to sell alcohol for less than 50p a unit.

He told the Manchester Evening News: "I think the idea of the councils coming together on this is a good one and we will certainly look at it very sympathetically.

"Where there can be local decisions we are very happy for that to happen. It may be that we need to do something to help deliver the localist answer."

"I think if what you’re trying to do is stop supermarkets from selling 20 tins of Stella for a fiver that’s what we’ve got to go after.

Dave, if you can tell me where I can buy 20 ‘tins’ of Stella for £5, do let me know, before they put a stop to it, because I could make a fucking killing.



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7 Responses to Cameron: Man of the (tedious pecksniff) people

  1. JuliaM says:

    Oh oh. iDave’s real masters in the EU will not like this…

  2. TheBigYin says:

    Twenty cans for a fiver eh…you couldn’t make it up, could you. And these people get to run the country???

  3. Monkeynuts says:

    A can of stella is 2.6 units not 1 unit, 20 cans for £13 – not completely beyond the realms of reason.

  4. Ethan says: Gordon Browns book….The change that we choose. The ‘customer reviews’ I’ve added a couple of comments and voted for the ‘tags’. Could be a laugh!

  5. Longrider says:

    So no one will take them to court for breaching EU legislation? And no one will cross the county line to buy cheap booze there, then?

    Time for the popcorn, I think…

  6. Jiks says:

    Whatever Obama fed him clearly hasn’t worn off yet.

  7. G says:

    Not one to miss an opportunity, I have already started my own drug distribution business (cheaper than booze and easier to take into a pub/club) and for the traditionalists among you I am planning to open a chain of speakeasies selling cheap reconsituted brut and old spice. min 20% guarantee!!!

    I can sort you out with steller @ 50p/can , just give me a call on my freephone number 0800 – twat.

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