Truth and reconciliation

This is correct.


Two thirds of employees agree they would rather work for a man than a woman.

Female bosses were accused of being moody and incapable of leaving their personal lives at home.

A third of those polled claimed women in charge are ‘loose cannons’ – ready to stab colleagues in the back at any time, and who constantly feel threatened by other people in positions of authority.

By contrast, both male and female workers believe male bosses were less likely to get involved in office politics, were easier to reason with and rarely suffered from mood swings.

Men are also said to be more straight-talking than women and rarely talk about others behind their backs, it emerged.

Many people I know concur: female line managers and office managers can be pure poison.

That said, I’ve had some pretty moody and insecure male bosses, too. Hell, I’ve been a moody and insecure male boss.

Perhaps it’s just that offices are appalling places that turn everyone into hateful freaks.

For the record, when it comes to project managers, women seem to be much better than men.



4 thoughts on “Truth and reconciliation

  1. And the female engineers I’ve encountered have been intimidatingly good, especially at documentation (which is your engineer’s usual failing).
    Probably for the best that I’ve only met about four then, really.

  2. A lot of managers have been promoted sideways out of harms way into managerial positions. No training no preparation no checkingt that they are capable of being managers. Result? You get loads of crap managers.

    I myself have had training, done it for a while and realise that I’m not made to be a mananger.

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