Incredibly rare, these occurrences.


A mother-of-four who lied about being raped because she was ashamed of having sex with a soldier in an alleyway has been jailed for 15 months.

Cheryl Moss, 26, wasted 180 hours of police time and £5,500 of taxpayers’ money before finally admitting the allegation was false.

The single mother pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice after police found nearly an hour’s CCTV footage of the consensual intercourse taking place.

It really galls me to say this, but thank goodness for the pervert CCTV operator. And this isn’t the first time a false-accuser has been caught out by CCTV evidence.




10 thoughts on “Rape-a-dope.

  1. She may have been ashamed about having sex in an alley but now she will be getting dyke sex in a cell for 15 months. I bet shes a bit more ashamed about that.

  2. Wimmin who make false allegations against men should be sterilised along with the feminazis who say that women always tell the truth about rape ,domestic violence etc. In fact let’s make it illegal for feminists and chavettes to have any contact with men or to have any of their money . Then watch the bitches starve!!!

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