It’s quite simple really.

This is a good thing:


First of all, “Britain’s most senior traffic policeman” is just that because he’s more or less the ONLY traffic policeman.

As a result of the tenure system introduced into police forces and the sometime abolition of traffic policing units, most police seen on the roads have no proper experience or training as traffic policemen.

Instead, speed cameras are used to detect drunk drivers, tired drivers, dangerous and careless drivers, stolen vehicles and.. oh.. no .. wait. Speed cameras can’t  do any of that.

Let’s look at Chief Constable Baldylard’s rationale.

“We have invested heavily in infrastructure. There is a danger that it is dwindling away. I think a vacuum has been created and people are reacting to that inappropriately,” he told The Times. “If nothing is put in place, speeds will rise and casualties will grow.” Driving standards will deteriorate, child road safety programmes will be hit and the education of offenders will cease, Mr Giannasi said.

Okay – is that all? What? There’s something else? Oh…

The Treasury would also lose a “significant” revenue stream.

Here in the UK, we already have the safest roads in the EU, by deaths and serious injuries per passenger kilometre, and still they want to screw us more.

4x more people die as a result of hospital acquired infections than on the road.

Spend the money that matey above wants for speed cameras on hospital cleaners and I think we may see a better return on our investment.

Let’s also expose Baldy’s logical fallacy. From the Tellygiraffe, for the non-paywallers out there:

But Mr Giannasi told Today: ”The evidence is that road safety camera partnerships have achieved significant reductions in road casualties over the last decade – there are almost half the number of casualties now that there were eight years ago.”

Correlation does not imply causation.

By which I mean, here are some of the other factors that will have contributed to to reductions in casualties:

  • Years of increased traffic without corresponding increase in road capacity means everyone has slowed down in the last 10 years simply because of constantly worsening congestion.
  • Cars have become much safer due to EU and US rules – airbags and ABS are the norm now. Passenger safety measures built into cars are now much more stringent. Brake & tyre technologies have improved. Traction control systems have improved.
  • The cost of fuel has persuaded many people (me included) to drive more sedately.

Oh and by the way, the outcome in Swindon doesn’t (yet) reflect Chief Constable Baldylard’s prediction.


So Fatty McFailcop needs to get back in his box.


9 thoughts on “It’s quite simple really.

  1. But surely we should spend ALL of the money on ALL of the things? Because we can always just tax the rich middle class motorists even more if we need to. After all, they can afford it.

    [/whining lefty with no experience of reality]

    Quite right, Al. The whining lefties have left us with a severely limited pot of cash. We need to spend it where it will work best for us.

  2. Pray tell when did we elect this private company ‘Acpo’ (or this Oaf ) to the position of Lord High Preacher? I must have missed that one.

    In a related field. I do find it interesting that HMG allowed the plod to levy fixed penalty fines in large part ‘to free up Police and Court time’ so that they could focus on serious crime. Now they are whining that the fixed penalty regime takes up too much time and they want to go to a ‘telling off’ or caution instead for non serious crime. Such as burglary or shop lifting.

    I see a trend here.
    Few years down the line and maybe mass murder will be dealt with by a fifty pound fine….then finally it will be a caution. So as to allow the Police to focus on the serious stuff like regicide or piracy in a naval dockyard etc.

    Why not just save everybodies time and close the Police down entirely. Since they are obviously no longer fit for purpose. Perhaps we could just allow ‘super cop’ Brian Paddicks preferred state of anarchy. Just think of the cash we could save…maybe enough to hire some uniformed law enforcers eh? People who actually want to do the job they are paid to do?

    Still I may have a solution to the energy crisis at hand. Affix a turbine to the body of Sir Robert Peel as he spins in his grave at the oafish antics and attitudes of those who claim to be todays British Police Farce…er Force.

  3. Why hasn’t this individual been sacked? Either it believes what it says, in which case it is a cretin, or it doesn’t, in which case it is a liar.

  4. My own view is that the flashing, you are doing 33mph etc., signs as you enter villages and so on, are far safer and more effective in reminding people that they are travelling in excess of the speed limit than any of the, often covertly sited, yellow monstrosities that cause drivers to slam their brakes on once noticed.

  5. I’d far rather have the motorists watching the road rather than their speedometers, so please, get rid of the cameras and this idiot. Still, only been hit by one car so far this year so mustn’t grumble.

  6. XX Cars have become much safer due to EU and US rules XX HAY! Bastard E.U sticking thewir bloody noses into our laws again!!! Why don’t they mind there own bussiness, and LET us all die???


    (Sarcasm warning!)

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