Siding with the enemy

Feminists are up in arms about this:


Six street-based sex workers in Newham, east London, were named on the Metropolitan police website. Police posted their photos, full names and dates of birth.

In a second case, two Polish women who were selling sex from their home in Aldgate, east London, were raided by City of London police as part of Operation Monaco.

Police took photographs of the Polish women, who were not charged. Last Sunday, photos appeared in News of the World. The women said they were distressed by the police raid and the lack of warning that their pictures would appear in a tabloid newspaper.

And for once, I am in complete agreement with them.

Absolutely disgusting fascist policing. Yet again.



7 thoughts on “Siding with the enemy

  1. FFS, they could have posted their phone numbers as well!

    All joking aside, yet more fascist behaviour from the fascist jackbooted robocop bastards

  2. That really takes the biscuit, even if found guilty of something, posting names and addresses is serious stuff.

    Endangering people guilty of nothing, how can that be right? They will be in danger from every nutter out there. …

    Will they be posting the address of the guy who killed Tomlinson? No, thought not.

  3. I seem to remember not so long ago that the police said they could not publish the photos and discriptions of convicted dangerious criminals that were on the run, as it would infringe their “uman rites” and be against EU law. If that was so then perhaps these girls have a need for a “uman rites” lawyer, I wonder if the wide mouth frog is up for it?

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