TASER TASER TA.. Oooops.. Sorry love.

Unbelievable. Actually, no. It’s quite believable.


Police have apologised after accidentally shooting a 14-year-old girl with a Taser.

Officers investigating complaints of anti-social behaviour fired the Taser after attempting to arrest a man who had become aggressive towards them.

But the Taser missed the intended target and hit schoolgirl Jodie Gallagher, who was standing nearby, sending a huge electric shock through her.


In a statement, Nottinghamshire Police said: ‘As soon as the officer realised he had missed the intended target, he cancelled the discharge.

Oh, well.. never mind then, as you were, Constable Shitbag.



11 thoughts on “TASER TASER TA.. Oooops.. Sorry love.

    • I totally agree, if those Gwent officers are ever allowed back on the street in uniform again there is something dreadfully wrong!

  1. This is the reason that I don’t support the rollout of Taser to every beat cop. When they were only in the hands of supposedly professional Firearms Officers, you could at least hope that they would treat the thing like a real firearm and hot what they aimed at (unless the target was a cow…).

  2. Spooky,
    having checked out the story in detail I can’t decide which interests me more, the fact that a 14 yr old girl was out on the street so late at night and just happened to be an innocent bystander (yeah right) or the fact that she was stood so close to the inteneded target that she got tazered by mistake. There’s legitimate cop bashing AJ and there is down right righteous offendedness.
    Doris x

    • There’s nothing ‘righteous’ about it.

      A Taser is a firearm in law. It has the potential to kill or permanently injure.

      It was discharged at the wrong target.

      Doesn’t matter why she was there. They weren’t trying to apprehend her. They didn’t arrest her, they didn’t (ahem) charge her.

      She’s a 14 year old who’s probably as daft as yours. Perhaps you’d take a different view if your eldest had this experience, while mixed up with some daft lad.

      An perhaps you’d missed the blazé and almost indiscriminate way in which coppers have taken to deploying this potentially deadly weapon.

      In the meantime, if I were merely concerned with arbitrary plod-bashing, I’d have run a post on the Gwent story, but to be honest, having read the whole story, I’m not convinced the coppers were necessarily in the wrong in THAT case.

      So suck my balls :o)

      • If they’d reacted the way they did to a hoody with a string of offences who taken a stolen car at 90mph through a small town and then violently resisted arrest, I might have agreed. Hell, I might have held their coats while they got stuck in!

        But it’d still be wrong.

        And I wonder what -if any – bearing the story Old Holborn dug up has on their reaction?

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