Sold out to the over-reaching EU. Again.

I’ve been meaning to write a comprehensive post on the powers over matters of justice that we have handed over to the EU, including the European Arrest Warrant. Well, I say comprehensive, but I’m not a lawyer. I was just going to borrow extensively from excellent law blogger ObiterJ.

For a decent insight, read his posts:

    The evidence of the last Labour government selling the British people out is as comprehensive as it is frightening and infuriating.
    So this immediately caught my attention:


Anger at Britain’s “gold-plating” of the controversial European Arrest Warrant is growing after it emerged that other EU countries have secured significant safeguards for their citizens that are not available to British nationals.

Although the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) was intended to operate in the same way in all 27 EU states, The Sunday Telegraph has established that many other European countries have given themselves “opt-outs” or conditions to protect their citizens.

It comes after this newspaper first highlighted concerns last week over the way that the warrant system was being used in Britain.

Holland will not extradite Dutch nationals under the EAW unless the accusing state agrees that they can serve any prison sentence in a Dutch jail. The Belgians have opt-outs so that the warrant does not cover abortion.

Abortion and “abetting abortion” are crimes in some EU states, including Malta, Ireland and Poland – Europe’s most active issuer of EAWs.

Birth control campaigners fear they could be targeted by antiabortionists under the EAW, even simply for running a British-based advice website accessible from abroad.

France appears reluctant to extradite its own nationals under the EAW and has stated in the past that they will not be extradited.

Europe’s largest country, Germany, has imposed a “proportionality rule” stating that only those accused of serious crimes can be seized under a warrant. The definition of serious is not given, but it would exclude large numbers of the trivial charges dealt with by the British extradition courts.

One Kent motorist, Patrick Reece-Edwards, spent weeks in a British jail awaiting extradition to Poland on a charge of possessing a forged motor insurance certificate. When he was finally extradited, the matter was resolved by the payment of a civil penalty with no criminal record.

So many people – mostly Poles – are extradited from Britain to Poland on minor charges that special fortnightly military flights are operated for them from a London airfield. The hundreds of trivial requests are also a serious drain on police, prison and court resources.

Britain has no such opt-outs, and campaigners say that British judges are too cautious in applying the overriding requirements of the Human Rights Act.

Karen Todner, one of Britain’s leading extradition lawyers, said: “It is typical of us not to have given ourselves proper protection.

“British judges apply the EAW treaty to the letter and these massive injustices come about because the Government hasn’t thought this through.

“There are a lot of quite simple things we could do now to mitigate the harm done to British citizens, which could be done quite quickly through a simple administrative decision.”

British citizens sent abroad under the EAW are also at a serious disadvantage. Since foreigners are regarded as flight risks, bail is often refused and pretrial detention, even for minor crimes, can last for years.

I really don’t know where to begin.

What on Earth could those responsible for this situation have been thinking? Were they negligent, incompetent, acting out of complete disregard for people or what?

The ConDems say they’re looking at our extradition arrangements, but I very much doubt they have the will or the ability to right this massive and self-evident wrong that was yet another fantastic bequest from Labour. Perhaps more to the point, the same civil servants who lovingly gold-plated the whole thing in the first place are now, presumably, in charge of reviewing the arrangements.

Blunkett, who first signed off the EAW is unruffled about the perverse outcomes:

Mr Blunkett said: “I was right, as Home Secretary in the post-9/11 era, to agree to the European Arrest Warrant, but I was insufficiently sensitive to how it might be used.”.

This is just another reason why I just loathe Labour, and every single one of their supporters, for what they have done to the country I was born in.

I’ve already written to my MP about this, and as soon as Parliament is back in session, I’ll be hounding him for a response.

Do the same, make some fucking noise.


UPDATE: I wonder why I fucking bother, when DK comes along to remind us why he’s a leading libertarian blogger & I’m a useless cunt with copy & paste buttons.


Irony Overload

This, from Anna Racoon, is just glorious.

Con-Dem partnerships can be tricky……

Coalition partners resort to violence.

Liberal-Democrat councillor Christine James has been charged with assault and will appear in Weymouth Magistrate’s Court on September 9th.

Feeling are running high amongst the tribal ground force. Passions inflamed as agendas are compromised. Who did she assault?

Her alleged victim is believed to be her husband of 19 years and Conservative Borough council colleague, Ian James.

Mr James is a champion of the Weymouth and Portland Domestic Violence and Abuse Forum and sits on the Community Safety Partnership…..

At a borough council meeting earlier this month, Christine James said that campaigners from the Friends of Weymouth Refuge for battered partners had ‘proven that a refuge like this is both relevant and needed.



Cat-Bin Lady Backstory

As provided by one of my commenters:

I Knew Cat Woman. Exclusive!

Midway through my sandwich this lunchtime my jaw dropped involuntarily as I read the name of the infamous ‘cat woman’ of Coventry – the object of the worldwide Facebook hate campaign following CCTV footage of her petting a cat and then callously flinging it by the scruff of the neck into a wheelie bin where it remained imprisoned for 15 terrified hours and might well have starved to death had the owner not heard faint miaows just in time.

Fifteen years ago I worked with Mary Bale at the Royal Bank of Scotland in Coventry.

Read on…


Post of the day

I haven’t read much yet today, but I’m sure Obo and his commenters have hit the nail on the head.

What is wrong with people?

I can’t understand it. People are so willing to subjugate themselves to the (usually mad) desires of others: Islamic imams, Christian popes, social democratic demagogues, Fabianist control freaks, Common Purpose bullies, small-minded Britishnessers, Europhiliac bureaucrats, militant Atheist cuntards or whatever other fucking nutjob thing drives you.

Why are so few people prepared to just stand on their own and, more importantly, be proud of that fact? Why do people have to subject themselves to some laughable idea of "community", rather than just be an individual who voluntarily interacts with other individuals when it’s to both parties’ benefit?

And why am I regarded as a "beyond-the-fringe" nutjob for wanting to be this?



Freewoman of England said…

Because most people are sheep, they are content to follow the herd, and have herd instincts.
Us on the other hand are goats and they perceive us as a different species.

It also has to do with education and propaganda. People living on a cheap diet of potatoes and bread and processed food are not as brainy or liable to get pissed off either. Half of them don’t understand what the fuss is all about because their IQs are less than 100 Bell curve and all that

Although under EU rules goats and sheep are one.

WV nosed I kid you not ( pardon the goat pun)

27 Aug 2010 07:27:00

Wizbit said…

I can’t really add much to what Freewoman of England has already said… but I’ll try and expand…
People, on the whole, are either too scared or too lazy to think and form their own, individual opinions. It’s much easier or safer for them to piggy-back those of others – making them easy to manipulate and influence. This is why propaganda works so well.

Look at what garbage is popular on television. People watch garbage like X-Factor and such like because other people do. They want the comfort of being part of a group and, again, scare of individualism.

Football is another example. The amount of times I have heard people regurgitating opinions they have heard on television and passing them off as their own.

I could go on and on about this subject and probably sound quite scathing in my observations about the general public… but I will just post a link to an article that was in NewScientist last month (hope that’s OK):

"…when it comes to music preference, we behave like sheep. Social scientists have long wondered whether other social transformations – including everything from the popularity of a politician to a change in behaviour to mitigate climate change – arise through independent, individual choice, as many people simultaneously come to similar decisions, or instead through influence, as people copy others’ behaviours."

27 Aug 2010 08:30:00

JuliaM said…

"Look at what garbage is popular on television. "

Do we have to? *shudder*

27 Aug 2010 08:35:00

gladiolys said…

I think it’s a matter of confidence. People feel safer in crowds, the anonymity of being in a mass. It takes a certain amount of self-belief to stand alone… and a certain resilience to hang on to it after several others have tried to kick it out of you (literally).

27 Aug 2010 08:39:00

John Whitley said…

It could also be said that most ‘libertarians’ are perfectly happy to submit themselves to the authority of the Monarch and Lords. Not to mention any cunt that owns ‘properteh’. Worse, they expect the rest of us to follow likewise.

@Freewoman. We’re not sheep. We’re not goats. We’re human beings. Get over it.

27 Aug 2010 08:48:00

Anonymous said…

"Look at what garbage is popular on television. People watch garbage like X-Factor and such like because other people do. They want the comfort of being part of a group and, again, scare of individualism."

And people like to slag if off because the other social side do.
And then people like to slag of people that slag of things because they are conforming *head asplode*

Sometimes people watch something because they like to.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

"It could also be said that most ‘libertarians’ are perfectly happy to submit themselves to the authority of the Monarch and Lords. Not to mention any cunt that owns ‘properteh’"

what is this i don’t even.

27 Aug 2010 09:25:00

Wossat? said…

And why are you regarded as a "beyond-the-fringe" nutjob for wanting to be this?

Because independent thinkers who refuse to conform to the meme du jour scare the shit out of sheeple.

27 Aug 2010 09:26:00

Anonymous said…

Yea most of the sheeples would just walk straight into the showers if they where told to do so by a nice middle class lady ,it’s for your own good you know.

hsssssssssssssssssssss !

27 Aug 2010 09:29:00


Jill said…

Not everyone wants to be a self-fellating, iconoclastic, snotty bastard?! Perhaps there’s something in the evolutionary psychology argument. You must be a mutant. The future of humanity perhaps.

Breed, man, breed.

I dunno, in truth. But you won’t convert anyone with this post. In fact, you’re in danger of sounding as shrill as Richard Dawkins on the subject of God.

27 Aug 2010 09:32:00

No wonder he’s the 4th most popular Libertarian blogger. The cunt.


The writing is on the germ-smeared wall

The NHS is increasingly being shown up for the unworkable, expensive and inhuman behemoth that it is.


Too many people have experienced misdiagnosis, neglect and lack of care from the NHS, the Patients Association said today, as figures show a record number of complaints.

According to the NHS Information Centre, written complaints about NHS hospital and community health services in England have seen the biggest year-on-year rise since annual reports began in 1997/98.

From the last financial year to this there was a 13.4% rise, from 89,139 to 101,077 written complaints. The biggest group (44.2%) concerned the medical profession, while the second biggest proportion of complaints concerned nurses, midwives and health visitors (22%).

The largest proportion of complaints (42.2%) was about treatment that patients had received, followed by the attitude of staff (12.2%).

The Patients Association said the rise in complaints was very worrying. It was "reflected in an increase in the number of people contacting our helpline to tell us of problems they are having with NHS services," said the association’s chief executive, Katherine Murphy.

Caring professions indeed.

Parcel it up & sell it off.

There’s really no other way.


Hitting the righteous with their own weapons


Hate Crime

Further to my post on the Ciggy Busters from the Hundreds of Hoo school in Medway, Medway Police have replied with this:

Dear Mr Filthy Engineer

Thank you for your email regarding the Hundred of Hoo Comprehensive School, Kent and "A Betty* Medway." I am a detective sergeant on the Medway hate crime unit, and this has been given to me to investigate further.

I will be making contact with the school in due course, and shall update you once this has been completed.

In the mean time should you wish to contact me directly, my number is 01634 792541.

Yours sincerely

DS 10142 Sallie Baisley

The Hate Crime unit. Mmmmm.

I’ll keep an eye on that – nice work, Mr Filthy Engineer.


#Climatecamp capers reach the papers

… well, the Guardian Environment blog, which is good enough for me.


Climate Camp had its own Twitter feed of course, but anyone browsing through the #climatecamp hashtag would probably not have got the impression of the day’s events that the spinsters at Climate Camp wanted. Supportive texts were swamped by tweeters ridiculing the activists or even pretending to be them.

Indeed we did. Tee hee.

After polishing Old Holborn’s pole for a while, The Graun concludes:

But the rather presumptuously named @wearethebritish put it most concisely:


He was right.

It is surprising that an organisation that puts so much emphasis on the art of manipulating the media (according to the Climate Camp media pack journalists are "weak and cowardly" and "astoundingly unimaginative") did not think harder about how to use a medium that cuts out the peaky middlemen altogether.

Love it.


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