Might as well parcel-up the NHS and sell it to Walmart

My mum is very pro-NHS, and always comes up with:

Your father had fantastic treatment. If it wasn’t for the NHS, he’d have died years earlier.

This, as I’m wont to point out to her, is manifest bollocks. We wouldn’t replace the NHS with NOTHING, but with something else.

In what other European country would one being on a waiting list for a kidney for 15 years, 8 of which years you were also queuing for a scarce place at a dialysis clinic, all the while relying on sub 5% kidney function, a starvation diet and a cocktail of drugs that eventually precipitated a heart attack?

In France, Germany or Spain, he’d have had much better and more timely treatment at every stage.

But she doesn’t get it and she never will because she’s Labour to the core.

It is quite possibly the worst conceivable way to deliver healthcare. Because under this state system, the critical element of ‘care’ is sorely lacking.

This is disgusting. and defenders of the NHS should hang their heads in shame.


Jo Dowling, 25, sent over 40 messages to her mother and best friend including pictures of the rash that later killed her as it spread across her body.

Despite her GP correctly diagnosing the condition and getting her admitted to hospital, doctors stopped her antibiotics and gave her painkillers instead.

The coroner yesterday said a simple dose of penicillin would have saved her life.

Her family have accused the hospital of neglect.

Miss Dowling’s father Ivor, 52, said: “The first doctor who saw my daughter did everything he was supposed to do but after that these doctors and nurses failed to spot her failing vital signs.

“They were obnoxious and arrogant. She was neglected.”

Indeed she was. Still, at least Milton KeynesHospital is hitting its all-important diversity quota.

Milton Keynes Coroners’ Court heard Dr B S Khattak, a locum consultant; Dr Chris Akubuine, a general physician; and trainee doctor Vivake Roddah, as well as five nurses, failed to correctly treat her.

Is it, therefore, any surprise that the coroner concluded:

"As a result of a breakdown in communication the antibiotics was not continued and resulted in lost opportunities to render further medical treatment."

A communication breakdown? Ya think?

A spokesman for Milton Keynes Hospital NHS Foundation Trust said it “fully accepts the verdict of the inquest”.

That’s very big of you. So what’s going to become of the NHS managers and clinicians responsible for this mon-fucking-strosity of a problem?

Nothing at all, I expect. They wouldn’t want to risk being accused of racism, after all.

I’m far from being a fan of the compensation culture, or the bottom-feeding lawyers who facilitate it, but I hope the family pursue the PCT and the doctors through every court in Europe.



6 thoughts on “Might as well parcel-up the NHS and sell it to Walmart

  1. Just to be a little bit of a shit, how come she had to text the photo’s to her Mum and best friend, for sure, if she was that poorly they would have seen the rash with their own eyes, had they actually been in the hospital with her of course.

    Mummy x

    • it’s completely irrelevant, of course, because the doctors had clearly made up their minds, but since you ask, visiting hours?

      She died at 5.20AM. The doctors had assured them she’d be fine. They’d probably gone home to get some sleep.

  2. Any organisation that did not operate as a monopoly would be petrified of ending up broke and the staff jobless. When you have monopolies, the customers are shafted, as they become livestock to be farmed, milked and slaughtered.

  3. Before the NHS was invented there was a pretty successful set of local health groups. Each was run locally and funded by money from workers. However they also supported people who counldn’t pay through chariable donations.

    When the NHS came into being all these local groups disappeared as the NHS did the same tasks as they did but no one had to pay – well they did but it came out of taxation so they weren’t directly connected to the hospitals.

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