Equality: Great job, ladies

I wonder if the ConDems are intent on keeping Jack Straw’s policy of preferential treatment for female convicts.


Miss Brown stabbed her boyfriend’s upper thigh with a carving knife severing several arteries, before running away.

Her sister Toni, 25, refused to call an ambulance to her home in Greater Manchester.

A jury at Manchester Crown Court was told he would probably have survived if he had received medical attention.

And another:


Lucy Viner-Mood, 22, and Lois Gibson, 18, locked Georgia Fenn in a flat for 18 hours while they beat her unconscious repeatedly.

Miss Fenn, 19, suffered burns from a cigarette lighter, had her ponytail cut off and suffered two black eyes and a broken nose.

The two flatmates attacked her in March after hearing that she had slept with Viner-Mood’s former boyfriend, Maidstone Crown Court heard.

A judge, who described the attack as “evil”, sentenced Viner-Mood to five years in jail and Gibson to three years in a young offenders institute.

Actually, this raises an interesting point. The latter pair got 5 & 3 years for “burns from a cigarette lighter, her ponytail cut off and two black eyes and a broken nose”

The former, where a guy was stabbed to death?

Samantha Brown was sentenced to five years in a Young Offenders Institute while her sister was received a four-year jail term

Oh, fair enough then. In the eyes of the law, the life of a man is worth less than the life of a woman.

That’ll be just fine. Pfffft.



3 thoughts on “Equality: Great job, ladies

  1. It’s a mindfuck, isn’t it?

    Having observed things over a few decades, I have come to the conclusion that the pecking order looks like this (in order of resources thrown at the search for the perp, and the subsequent gaol term):

    1. A copper. They will spend billions on the murder of a cop. No resource is denied.

    2. A child. (As long as the skin tone is right, of course).

    3. A woman

    4. A man. (Again, I think skin tone plays a part).


  2. “Oh, fair enough then. In the eyes of the law, the life of a man is worth less than the life of a woman.”

    Actually no, if you stop to think. The murder of a man is worth less than the beating (in context, probably well-deserved) of a woman.

    It is, indeed, time for the pitchforks.


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