ConDems busy with the *real issues*

I’m pleased to see they’re keeping focused on the prize.


The coalition government is to put the fashion industry under pressure to stop promoting unrealistic body images and clamp down on airbrushed photographs in magazines and adverts.

Lynne Featherstone, the equalities minister, who has long campaigned against size-zero photoshoots, will convene a series of discussions this autumn with the fashion industry, including magazine editors and advertising executives, to discuss how to promote body confidence among young people.


Are you paying for that ‘series of discussions’, Lynne?

Oh, no, of course you’re not.


Lynne Featherstone, after being airbrushed with a big pile of our cash.



7 thoughts on “ConDems busy with the *real issues*

  1. Do you think they might airbrush uncle Vince too?

    Make him a bit more … well, photogenic

    Then I might stop thinking “Oh, there’s a garden gnome talking about business and the economy – how queer!”

  2. Ms Featherstone is privileged to be my MP. And, before the LibDems got into power, a very good and assiduous MP she was too. Of course, being a LibDem, the policies she supported were and are complete rubbish but, pre-May 2010 and the prospect of getting near the levers of power seeming to be vanishingly small, it didn’t matter that much. Now? She’s all over the papers with this kind of useless grand-standing crapola. But, you know, Dave is also given to spouting useless grand-standing crapola at our much greater expense, so maybe we shouldn’t be so hard on Lynne. OTOH since your airbrushing has certainly improved her figure.and general appearance (she’s almost unrecognisably improved!) I’m in agreement with FC that we should push for more airbrushing rather than less.

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