The result is in: ConDemFail

16th July:


My fingers were crossed for a triumph of hope over experience.



Theresa May, the Home Secretary, will today announce she plans to sign up to the so-called European Investigation Order (EIO), The Daily Telegraph understands.

That’s it, then. The honeymoon is absolutely 100% over.

Liberties endangered, powers given away to the EU, without a referendum.

Slow hand clap for Cameron and May, everybody.



7 thoughts on “The result is in: ConDemFail

  1. Thirded, it’s utter toilet, so incredibly disappointing. Not that I expected huge differences, but to be so similar to the useless shower of fuckwits that preceded them is very depressing.

    You see the shite that St. Vincent de la Cable came out with this morning? Bankers’ bonuses being dependent on lending levels. This coalition cannot get any stupider.

  2. These fucking politicians really do need ‘educating’ and I mean in every sense of the word, they are ignoring us and I hate being ignored. They have got to go!

  3. I’m not surprised. The Tories aren’t libertarians. They might be small government proponents at the moment but that’s because they can make political capital out of it. They are still statists at heart. Just like all poltiicians. It’s in a polticians nature to believe that they know better than anyone else as to how people should run their lives.

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