Where to begin

This is really quite odd indeed.


The Roman Catholic Church (£) elevated the ordination of women to one of the most serious crimes in Canon Law yesterday, putting it on the same level as child abuse in the eyes of the Church.

I’m confused. This ‘offence’ was elevated to the same level as child abuse? Which is RIFE in the Catholic church, worldwide.

This can only mean one thing: We can expect thousands of cases of female priesthood to come to light, that have been suppressed for decades.

Perhaps when a woman priest is uncovered, she is quietly shuffled off to somewhere else, where no-one knows she’s a woman.

Like this, perhaps:

Catholic women who have illicitly become priests include the pop star Sinéad O’Connor, who was ordained in 1999.

It’s obvious that you just can’t reason with these sorts.

Pace Bill Hicks:

Women priests. Great, great. Now there’s priests of both sexes I don’t listen to.



3 thoughts on “Where to begin

  1. “I’m confused. This ‘offence’ was elevated to the same level as child abuse?”

    Please read the small print. It’s a “crime against sacrament” not – as is child abuse – a “crime against morals”. Of course, to us non-believers it’s all crap and angels on heads of pins. But at least you know where you stand. The Pope has given a hearty “f*** off” to his feminist loonies and their liberal friends – the 3 people who leave the Church won’t be missed. Meanwhile Anglicanism moves swiftly to the rubbish heap of history shepherded by the over-sibilant Rowan Williams.

  2. The whole point of their beliefs is that there is no appeal to reason.

    When the answer to any of the hard stuff is efectively “‘cos I say so” then you’re on a loser….and so are they, except they havent noticed yet.

  3. JohnRS

    Indeed, but I approach this in the same way lunatics were (are?) assessed for insanity under the McNaughton Rule. Roughly speaking – but I bow to m’learned friends here if I’ve misinterpreted this – the presumption under the Rule is that the accused is sane and, although totally delusional as to the facts of the case, is thought to be capable of acting rationally within the context of his delusion. Accordingly, believers (including His Holiness) may be totally deluded but, within that delusion they can be assumed to be acting rationally. Thus the whole construct of the Catholic Church may not be based on reason but, within that construct, rationality can be thought to prevail. Hence “‘cos I say so”, given the authority awarded to the Pope and the priestly hierarchy by the rules and traditions of the Catholic Church, is a perfectly reasonable response to someone questioning a ruling.

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