Signs of things to come #2

I heard this on Radio 4 this morning, but can’t find it on the BBC news site just now. So here’s the Daily Mail’s interpretation.


… which frankly I couldn’t care less about. If you live anywhere urban, chances are the ethnic mix is at least 4:1 anyway.

What alarms me is this:

According to the highest projection, the population will reach 78,848,000 in 2051.

Seventy-nine MILLION PEOPLE?

I’m glad I’ll be dead by then.


7 thoughts on “Signs of things to come #2

  1. Best of all, England already has a higher population density than Japan and India. We’ll shortly overtake the Netherlands and become the most crowded developed country.

    And of course this projected growth means by 2051 we’ll have to find the space in our green and pleasant land for 18 new Birminghams. Scenes from Blade Runner spring to mind. Fortunately I’ll have croaked by then too.

  2. BBC news link –

    As is usual with these “science” and “survery” type stories in the news, you have to take them with a pinch of salt.

    They used computer modelling, but how did they program the model? Have they really taken into account every factor? No computer model is accurate until the subject of the study is well known. So you can model the thermonuclear engine of the sun but not anything that involves humanity.

    I doubt that the population would grow that much. One of two things will happen. Either violence will increase as different groups are forced into closer and closer proximity with each other so the population will be kept in check by an increase in deaths or there will not be enough work to or money keep everyone in the UK and people will emmigrate for economic reasons. The ethnic mix will increase though as the growth will be due to the increase in birth rate in those populations.

    Finally it’s a study produced by Leeds University for a quango. The ESRC, formally the Social Science Research Council until Thatcher changed the name to include econmics and lessen the social lefty aspect, spends over £200m/year funding over 4000 researchers and postgrads into all aspects of social sciences study. Most of their money comes from the government, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to be exact.

  3. Seeing as I’m 45 I’m guessing it’s highly likely I’ll be dead by then as well. That’s a lot of people but if we have 64 million in the populace right now that’s 25% extra, eg 1 extra person for every 4 already, which doesn’t sound QUITE so bad ….

    I had an interview in London today, there definitely was far too many people there ;-) I went by train for a change, and it was just a wall of noise of people at Euston, and then loads more people and traffice all the way down to 247 Tottenham Court Road …. I actually quite like London, but I can’t help thinking there’s far too many people there.

  4. None of us will be dead by then. The coagulation government will make death illegal next year to save money for the NHS. Watch the undertakers go the same way as the pubs because all causes of death (smoking, drinking, fat and salt) will have been eradicated. Therefore, nobody dies.

    That’s why there’ll be so many of us.

  5. I think plenty of people care a lot about the sudden colossal invasion of the third world into our country without any consultation, but just out of a misguided left-wing adolescent attitude that it’s a good thing to socially and ethnically engineer an ancient country with it’s own large indigenous population and identity, and to basically coerce people to deny their own identity and transfer it to every possible type of foreigner they could get in – it’s worse than what the Japanese tried in Korea in 1910; or what the Chinese are doing in Tibet.

    It’s not just a matter of numbers, or percentages – which are bad enough; it’s the cultural change – it’s an attack on the indigenous culture, ethnic identity and values from which all the freedoms and and lack of corruption and once relatively low crime (and all the sports of the world!) came from. Now it’s all being destroyed, as pre-industrial values are imposed on ours, which are totally incompatible. Our country is unique for going through the industrial revolution first, and it’s part of what we are; the immgrants come from places that have yet to leave the middle ages in most respects. They just don’t belong here.

    The schools demographics painted a picture not so long ago. Leftists like to say that the second generation will revert to the average reproduction rate, but they seem to not factor in culture… the bringing over of village wives from the Punjab etc… and the cultural pressure to breed and not conform to English ways.
    It might not be as bad as 78 million, but 70 million is feasible once white flight kicks in even more starkly and you end up with total urban ethnic island powerbases that can exert power in their own interests – which won’t be the same as ours. It’s an open invitation to serious insurgency in Europe should various other Malthusian issues come to prominence… food, energy….

    Where do you suppose people are going to emigrate to? They’ll need skills and money.
    NZ might get popular, but then they might have every incentive to get fussy as well.
    North-west Europe is always going to be one of the best parts of the world to be in; I just don’t see that many leaving, even if they could… far more likely that you’d get a BNP government. – and why should they/we?! It’s our country, why should we be pushed out of it by other ethnic groups from other parts of the world who want to benefit from our journey as a short cut from developing their own countries?!
    A country isn’t just an economic or legalistic unit – the constant stream of north american genealogy-philes tells you that.

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