Facebook: Deterring alien contact since 2004


I don’t use Facebook, for reasons that should be self-evident to any sentient being.

But I read this:

Outside Raoul Moat’s home were beginning to accumulate candles, cards, flowers and messages. "Dear Raoul Thomas Moat, may you rest in peace. Our thoughts are with you and your close friends. We were on your side even though we didn’t know you that well," read one, and another: "To Raoul, Always a good friend. Always happy to help a mate. Hope now you’ve found some peace. Gone but never forgotten." One said Moat was "misunderstood".

He killed a man he didn’t know, seriously wounded a woman and a police officer, and assaulted a little girl. But well-wishers wanted to grant him the sentimentalising gestures normally reserved for the victims of crime and accidents.

.. and knew there must be one of those imbeclic and mawkish ‘wall of remembrance’ pages for Moat on Facebook.

Lo and behold:


As you might imagine, there are some legendary messages on there:











By way of some relief, there are plenty of common-sense comments on the wall too. The one that most accords with my own view, though, is this one:


13 years of Labour education, eh? Result.

Also, his ‘pals’ are threatening revenge on the coppers for tasering him.

They should have used a nuclear strike on day 2.


10 thoughts on “Facebook: Deterring alien contact since 2004

  1. Please tell me it’s a wind-up.

    Damn. It’s real, isn’t it? I’m not going to wake up and find I’ve accidentally slipped between the bed and the wall.

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    • Yes, food processor definitely, one being used by someone who had the benefit of a ‘Labour’ education obviously. Does anyone know of a very large, easily to seal, building where I could arrange a party for these people, and their relatives?

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