Doctors: Diagnose ailments, prescribe remedies. And shut the fuck up.

The medinazis are one lobby that was always going to transcend a change of government, so this shouldn’t be surprising:


You see, chaps, you don’t seem to understand a fundamental point:


Some people get the balance ‘right’, others don’t. Although quite why we should take any of these health muppets seriously I don’t know, given their track-record of manifest ideological (or pharmaceutical) bullshit regarding smoking, drinking, eating and recreational drugs.

The driving force for the fact that they feel entitled and compelled to hector us all can be collapsed in one easy move: Their argument always boils down to the cost incurred by the NHS in treating smokers, drinkers, fatties etc.

So we privatise the whole thing and halve national insurance contributions. People can self-insure their health or take out a policy.

At a stroke, the power of doctors’ arguments of ‘public good’, ‘public health’ and ‘cost to the NHS’ all go straight out of the window.

Which is probably why you’ll not find too many doctors supporting my plan. Quite a change from when the NHS was created and 9/10 doctors opposed it.

Remind me though. Is the government’s Chief Medical Officer still an enormously fat bastard?


Apparently not. Lardy Liam’s been replaced by a Quangocrat shrew. Good times.



3 thoughts on “Doctors: Diagnose ailments, prescribe remedies. And shut the fuck up.

  1. Just seen at Longeider’s and Mummylonglegs’ blog that they are now calling for male circumcision to be done on the NHS because too many unlicensed (Muslim) practitioners are botching it.

    Now, why is it that every other time, if ppl are doing something they disapprove of – eating junk food, using tanning salons, drinking, smoking – the cry goes up ‘more enforcement, new bans’.

    Yet, on this, they roll over and say ‘oh, ok, we’ll pay for it then’..?

  2. It’s well established that people who live unhealthy lifestyles actually cost the NHS less because they die earlier. All these massive medical costs are incurred by keeping people who have lived healthy lives alive in their late 80s and 90s. Everybody eventually dies of something.

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