By Jove, I think she’s got it.

An article in The Sunday Times made me double-take:


The chairwoman of the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted), has recommended that “every school should have a useless teacher” so children learn how to deal with people in authority who are not up to the job.

Zenna Atkins said schools, particularly at the primary level, “need to reflect society” and should not be trying to get rid of every single inadequate teacher.

Young children were adept at exploiting incompetent teachers and this was a valuable skill for “playing authority” later in life.

Hmmm… even my first reaction to this idea was one of WTF!!!???!??!!

But really, it’s a very good point.

She emphasised that she was voicing her personal views, not those of Ofsted, adding: “It’s about learning how to identify good role models. One really good thing about primary school is that every kid learns how to deal with a really s*** teacher.

“I would not remove every single useless teacher because every grown-up in a workplace needs to learn to deal with the moron who sits four desks down without lamping them and to deal with authority that’s useless.

And in the state this country’s in, overrun with moronic petty bureaucrats, it’s an increasingly invaluable skill.

And it’s one that my schooling imparted successfully, as I wrote in February 2009:

My 13 years as an inmate of the uniquely lentillious British education establishment taught me one thing. From a very early age, I could spot a walking waste of giblets at 50 paces. And it was called ‘Miss’ or ‘Sir’.

Consequently, I learned at around the same time that a good rule of thumb would be to do precisely the opposite to that advised by these leather-elbowed plonkers.

These days, as is the way with much normal childhood behaviour, my preferred approach was medicalised in the form of something called ‘Oppositional Defiant Disorder’. (c.f. ‘The need to sit down and fucking shut-up = ADHD; Teachers are useless, so children are illiterate = Dyslexia).

It must therefore alarm ‘them’, that O.D.D. has been a pretty successful life-strategy for me.



5 thoughts on “By Jove, I think she’s got it.

  1. Um… she’s not right. That’s retarded. It’s another version of this ridiculous assumption that learning only takes place in schools, and that therefore schools should aim to teach everything.

    Schools shouldn’t aim to teach children how to deal with morons. The vast majority of them learn that on their own, often in the home as teenagers. Plus, this woman’s theory is patently falsifiable. I had more than my fair share of teachers I thought were ‘not up to the job,’ and that hasn’t made it any easier for me to resist lamping dickheads at work or anywhere else.

  2. “(c.f. ‘The need to sit down and fucking shut-up = ADHD; Teachers are useless, so children are illiterate = Dyslexia)”

    Plus the latest madcap “theory” that teenager’s bad behaviour is due to a brain wiring problem. They’ve even invented a new psychiatric condition known as ‘conduct disorder’ to cover anti social behaviour.

    None of these scientists have the intellgence to realise that correlation does not imply causation. But then these “scientists” are only psychologists. And American ones are well known for coming up with weird diagnosis so that they can charge huge amounts to cure people of these non-diseases.

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